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  1. Disappointing. I guess in the future when Hamilton has provisional pole, he can drive down the middle of the track, wiggle his steering wheel and get away with it. So much for tough stewarding.
  2. Bahrain was an equal chance. Monaco has been too so far.
  3. Rosberg looks like he's trying to force the car into locking up. The car looked so planted when he was 'correcting' the car.
  4. I think Nico will get punished for reversing back onto the track. That was just as dodgy as his mistake. There's no defence for that.
  5. You always get yellow flags even in the run off. With all this talk about Rosberg being uber clever, now those people believe Rosberg wouldn't of been clever enough to know the obvious result of the outcome from him going into the run off. Plus, why would he want to damage his car?
  6. Agreed, it was so dodgy from Nico. Completely weird line into the corner and he half hardheartedly attempted to make it. Especially since he was down on his first S1 time.
  7. Either way, people are too keen to point fingers at Hamilton when he says something in a press conference that could be perceived to be wrong whereas when Rosberg says that he's faster than Hamilton no one finds anything arrogant about that.
  8. Maldonado won't even make it out the pit lane before exploding.
  9. It should hopefully be more exciting to watch this year with them all struggling to control oversteer at Monaco.
  10. :O http://www.autosport.com/news/report.php/id/113943
  11. Mercedes hasn't turned up the power of their engine to 100% either.
  12. Wait, what? You personally attacked me! It is not my problem that you and GoldenColt have some kind of grudge. I think the word you're looking for AMS is common sense.
  13. Improper use of image meme, internet ban!!!!
  14. One thing this season has definitely given us are fantastic team mate battles throughout the grid.
  15. Wow these cars were so much slower then last year. A difference of 4.5 seconds.... If Hamilton had set that time last year he would of been last 2 tenths behind Pic lol.
  16. But don't worry guys, Rosberg still has the championship lead! :-@
  17. Vettel has been whining and moaning far more then Hamilton over these past seasons.
  18. Pirelli signed up under the knowledge of how much testing they were able to do, and they had 7 race weekends and pre season testing to deal with. It was an embarrassment that they didn't identify issues with their tyres that forced them to back track onto the 2012 spec tyres. I hardly call that stellar.
  19. Um no, Silverstone was an absolute farce for tyres. You cannot say Pirelli did a stunning job when they put the drivers at severe risk that weekend. For the most part they've done an OK job, I just wished they'd stick their neck out and produce more durable tyres.
  20. I wouldn't consider the job they've done is stellar looking at how they completely messed up the tyres in 2013.
  21. Two manufactures so we won't have cheese wheels with Pirelli at the moment. :P
  22. Did you buy it off GOG Games? I've been playing a bit of it recently, major nostalgia for me :D.
  23. I'm glad Atletico won against Chelsea. Makes the final much more exciting with two Spanish rivals.
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