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  1. All speculation, you don't know what would have happened. In Australia Vettel may have made an amazing recovery drive to finish 2nd, in Malaysia Ricciardo may have just crashed or spun. We don't know what could have happened, so why bother bringing it up? As far as the FIA are concerned in Aus Ricciardo was racing an illegal car, so in Aus for me it was 0-0 and in Malaysia it was 1-0 Vettel, in Bahrain it was 1-1 and now it is 2-1 Ricciardo. I think 2-1 is a fair reflection and in fact, the FIA would probably say 2-2 because a DSQ is lower than a DNF. Going on final race results, 2-2 woul
  2. 2010 was a good season and so was 2012, but a bit painful as a Hamilton fan. The whole of 2011, and most of 2013 was extremely dull. You can't throw 2014 into the same category as 2011 after just 4 races, it doesn't make any sense. 2 rounds so far this season have been okay, with one of them being the best for about 3 years in terms of action. How you can say Bahrain is dull is beyond me. Funny how there is more comments about dull races from Vettel fans now after one corner has been completed. Can't think why.  Bahrain wasn't dull it was just REALLY predictable and in my opinion tha
  3. You see that is the issue. We had some good racing in 2013 and 2011 but because you dislike Vettel, you only remember the bit where Vettel won by 20 seconds. Vettel won in Germany in 2013 and that was one of the best races of the year. One good race which I happened to miss lol. Generally, 2013 was a crap year, even worse then 2011.
  4. Yes, Ricciardo is only behind Vettel because of Malaysia and Australia where he was screwed over through no fault of his own. Although Vettel retired from Australia too, I find it highly unlikely Vettel would of beaten Ricciardo there so yeah, 3-1 to Ricciardo in the races so far, which for Vettel, a 4x world champion, is truly shocking and Ricciardo would of been comfortably ahead of Vettel in the WDC.
  5. Because the race was hilarious today when Vettel got annihilated by Ricciardo and overtaken by a Caterham. Apart from that it was pretty ok. Not as bad as I remember the Vettel dominant races but then again I hated the 2013 season.
  6. So like Vettel last year? Well, the end of last year yes. It wasn't an exciting season pretty much from Hungary onwards. I just didn't complain much because it was coming to the end of an era in F1 and I thought we'd have a good season this year.  Or because your favourite driver was winning..
  7. Hah Vettel. The Caterham is faster then you! Average race otherwise, Hamilton dominant and Alonso the driver of the day. Rosberg was just poor and Kobayashi brilliant haha.
  8. I assume its to do with this: http://www.autosport.com/news/report.php/id/113367
  9. And cloudy with a chance of meatballs.
  10. Because Kate Middleton is quite the looker. ;)
  11. It really makes you respect the challenge of the Isles of Man TT that the riders face.
  12. I'd say that's a good enough excuse to bring V10's back :P
  13. Lol I wouldn't say we were ever best of friends but he's seemed to of vanished of the face of the earth recently until now. Also, my liking of someone can only go so far when they support Vettel. :P
  14. http://www.autosport.com/news/report.php/id/113529 I'd like to leave this article here too.
  15. Ahahahahahahahaha Vettel. Go home, you're nothing special.
  16. http://web.archive.org/web/20110717025044/http://community.codemasters.com/forum/f1-2010-game-1316 Flash back from the past for any old CM forum users out there? :P
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