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  1. Really happy someone brought this up. This needs to be discussed more. The iRacing handling model for the car feels so good and satisfying, how an F1 car should feel and I feel like amateurs would find it easier to pick up in comparison to F1 2021. It’s positive that iRacing released this because I’d hope it’ll give something codies to inspire to be like.
  2. Handling! I think Codies were going in a positive direction with F1 2020. One of my favourite games to date, handling wise. The handling for 21 definitely took a step back. The kerbs and overall balance of the car is off. whenever there’s a rule change Codies think that F1 cars suddenly lose all of their downforce which isn’t the case. F1 cars are planted and aren’t supposed to feel like they’re on ice. The kerbs are so unrealistic. To the point where it has put me off from playing the game. hopefully 22 will be smashed out of the park. You can do it Codies! seei
  3. It may not have had features but in terms of graphics and gameplay, it was much better than 2014. I’m not sure if you remember playing 2014, but it was F1 2013 with a lot of its features stripped away.
  4. It was much better than 2014
  5. That’s an interesting take. So in essence, use this year to see the new rules on the existing engine and have next year as a clean slate? Something tells me this is what codies have already done. I personally would love to see a new engine. I heard there was talk around them using slightly mad studios’ engine but not sure how true that was. Excited none the less. it’s funny because no matter what we say, the decision has already been made for a while now haha
  6. Hey everyone, Happy holidays. As it says in the title, do we think F1 2022 will be on a new game engine? The reason I ask is because based on past history, when we have the release of a new console (Albeit, it’s only happened once) we get a new F1 game with new physics, graphics and engine. For example: PS4 Released Date - November 2013 F1 2014 Release Date - October 2014 F1 2015 Release Date - July 2015 From the example above with the PS4, Codies released f1 2014 which was only on the older gen consoles and was basically a copy of the previous gam
  7. Hi everyone, hope you’re well and I hope if you’re living in the U.K. like me, you’re doing your best to deal with the lockdown! Just a quick one, I’m quite excited for the start of this F1 season and along with that excitement comes the excitement with the next F1 instalment. I completely understand that it hasn’t been announced yet but that doesn’t really stop us from speculating! 1. The season hasn’t started yet so do you guys think that now Imola has been added, that will be in the game? Or do you think Codemasters will say that it’s too late? the reason I a
  8. I have to agree. I don’t think it’s just the brightness but actually the overall graphics. They seem to have gotten worse in comparison to last year. I’m using a 4K 120hz tv so it’s not my tv, emphasised by the fact that F1 2019 still looks amazing. A lot of the textures look pixelated. I’m on the PS4 so do I have to create a bug report? @BarryBL?
  9. This is so poor I'm not going to lie. 
  10. Well just asked them and they never replied as per usual so…
  11. No ones really answered my question or am I mistaken?
  12. @LiteralZero hi is ther manual starts or were you guys misquoted? Thanks 
  13. I've been searching and I've only seen it on foreign sites so I'd like cosies to confirm so I don't get to excited thanks. God bless
  14. Us Logitech users aren't so lucky unfortunately 
  15. @justbiglee mate I know they're some things you can't reply to and stuff but I'm really interested to know about the starts? any comment
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