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  1. Hi everyone, hope you’re well and I hope if you’re living in the U.K. like me, you’re doing your best to deal with the lockdown! Just a quick one, I’m quite excited for the start of this F1 season and along with that excitement comes the excitement with the next F1 instalment. I completely understand that it hasn’t been announced yet but that doesn’t really stop us from speculating! 1. The season hasn’t started yet so do you guys think that now Imola has been added, that will be in the game? Or do you think Codemasters will say that it’s too late? the reason I a
  2. This is a good point. Will we get any clarification on this @BarryBL? Next gen consoles are so much more powerful so maybe it’ll be possible to get the same graphical fidelity as PC and perhaps run on ultra settings? Normally you’re really good at replying so your silence could perhaps mean something… haha 🙂
  3. I have to agree. I don’t think it’s just the brightness but actually the overall graphics. They seem to have gotten worse in comparison to last year. I’m using a 4K 120hz tv so it’s not my tv, emphasised by the fact that F1 2019 still looks amazing. A lot of the textures look pixelated. I’m on the PS4 so do I have to create a bug report? @BarryBL?
  4. Just heard the engine sounds from FP1 & FP2 and the Ferrari sounds sooooooooo realistic. Exactly the same to the game! @issueskid well done. In fact all of the engine sounds are crazy realistic! You guys are amazing. Well done
  5. Really hope that they fix the downshift tones for the Mercedes. It kind of sounds very computerised in comparison to the Renault. Is there any way you guys can review this? @issueskid
  6. Agree 100%. Good advice. Hopefully with the work in progress they can refine it more.
  7. At this stage of the game. Seeing as though sound is something you get early on. How much changes from this build to the release build? really interested to get an insight
  8. Great job mate. Was great to hear the sounds. The Renault sounds absolutely amazing! i have no clue how you could make the merc, Honda and Ferrari sound just as realistic as the Renault but kudos!
  9. You love to hear it! Thanks for the hard work and taking on the community advise for making the onboard sound more close to the tv mix. can’t wait to hear the raw engine sounds without music. Me personally, just waiting to hear the 2020 Mercedes 😍
  10. Hi @issueskid, thanks so much for replying to us in this forum. I really really do appreciate it but I think the videos above really do kind of emphasise what I’m talking about so I’d love to get your views on it. As you can hear from the first video. Earlier in the 2017 season, the tv broadcast was using a different microphone from the 3rd video around Brazil. From the 3rd video, the force India sounds way more higher pitched Because from that point onwards, FOM used a different microphone or placed it somewhere else. Now, my question is, seeing as though the engine noise
  11. Hey mate, thanks for your reply and what do you mean exactly by we should be looking for something else than what the onboard sounds like? i believe that if, since the tail end of the 2017 season FOM have been using the microphone in the same place as the 2nd video you sent, then shouldn’t the game be using it in the exact same area aswell in order to improve realism? Reason being is because the sounds that you guys use haven’t been used on onboards since 2017?
  12. Thanks for this so much. Sorry to ask so many questions but what’s the difference between the two mixes & is it noticeable ? and final question is the Mercedes engine different to last year? thats all I’m asking don’t worry haha thanks a lot once again
  13. Thanks for clarifying. I really do appreciate the fact you guys are replying to us @BarryBL . Thank you so much for the continuous interaction. Your work does not go unnoticed! So based on what you said @issueskid, will we get to pick different iterations of onboard Sounds? Or will this be discussed later?
  14. Thank you very much Barry. Much appreciated 👏🏾
  15. Hey @BarryBL, Apologies to ask but could you kindly pass this onto the team? Tomi
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