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  1. @BarryBL with the 1.06 patch coming in a few days to xbox is this issue fixed within the update or will we have to wait for a patch after the 1.06?
  2. I tried this day one of the issue and it does no difference. something with the update has been mixed up with this part of the patch When using a wheel car controls will no longer control the camera at race start ( a patch note from 1.05 update)
  3. Game save data delete doesn't work for me just did it and still same problem
  4. Using a fanatec on custom bindings and default the issue is the same works correctly on one account and another it doesn't both on the same bindings
  5. @BarryBL I know there's other threads of this issue but this issue needs to be solved immediately
  6. Ok tested the account theory and for me my main account with gold but I didn't purchase the game on that account the buttons works correctly but on my account which I mainly play F1 on and no gold but is shared with my main account but purchased the game on the buttons make brake look back steer left look left steer right look right
  7. Same issue for me Fanatec CSL Xbox 1.05 In all game modes All the time Reset wheel restarted console and restarted game 3 times Fix it now literally can't play the game at all with this issue save_3.mp4 save_4.mp4
  8. LBROWNE97

    F1 2019 Xbox Game Freezes

    @Hoo connection is fine and no streaming and no overheating
  9. Having issues with the game freezing. Out of 12 online races the game has frozen 7 times and 1 time in time trial causing my Xbox to turn off and 1 time just sat in the main menu also causing it to turn off my Xbox. 2 of the online races were apart of the eSports Challenger Series and have cost me points in the series. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the game multiple times and reset my console multiple times, deleted saved data and tested connection At this moment for me the game is unplayable Examples of what is happening The Spain clips are double freezes and Bahrain clips are single freezes