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    Which is the best F1 game so far?

    Now then were do we start.  Like others have said Codemasters are going in the right direction.After all how long did we wait for an F1 game after F106 on PS2 and after the PS3 version.I  Really liked the test driver bit in career but it was hard in my opinion. I Love all Motorsport games and you can't complain about the F1 games by Codemasters. Just would like to see a few more improvements.Quite a number to mention but things like more session times on GP weekends,Telemetry like in GP4 game,Pre- season testing with R&D,more user control on pit stop entry and exit,as well as a clutch for the car,maybe some management add ins like you used to have in the F1 management games from the past(F1 Manger by EA and Grand Prix World) and as I say a lot more to mention.I must admit though I love the damage mods for the Codemasters F1 games but these are only for the PC and not possible on consoles. Past classics are many but include F1 97-99 by  Psygnosis on PS1. GP series GP2,3 and 4. Gp2 I still play on on Dosbox along  with GP4. All the EA F1 series too 2001,2002 and 99-02 Challenge on the pc. Some great mods for the latter  like 95 and 96 seasons along with 2003,2004 and 2005 . Also I have to mention my favorite all time classic from 1998 on the PC, yes the great Grand Prix legends.For this classic game mod tracks and cars galore,Race the classic Lotus 49 or Cooper at classic tracks like Spa67, Nurburgring(Green Hell) and even Reims in France among others. Race against the greats,Jim Clark,Jack Brabham and Graham Hill.Even still the game as online leagues world wide that are still going strong. Just check out you tube for Spa67 track and watch the addictive series Lets race Grand prix legends. Other classics like Richard Burns Rally,Rally Trophy,Nascar Racing 2003 and bike sims like GP 500 and for me the best motorcycle racing game ever TT Superbike series on the PS2.