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  1. Not sure if this has a place in here, but I’ll voice it anyway. Please can you add support for the PlayStation buttons in the UI when using a T300RS with the stock rim? When my wheel has buttons like X and O, it’s reallt frustrating that the game shows them as “Button 8” etc. Pretty sure DualShock 4 controllers show the correct symbols so why not PlayStation wheels?
  2. I''ve not been active on the forums very much but it's sad to see you leave the Codemasters family. Best of luck at Dovetail (?). Really can't wait to see what next year holds for F1, and hopefully you'll be mentioned somewhere in the credits! :D
  3. If it's on the back of the new game, just put my name on the box will you? ;) Haha.
  4. Got a question. Would the events be every Wednesday evening? The thing is that I race over at GPVWC.com in Porsches every other Wednesday but I'd love take part in this as well. Damn my sim racing career! :P
  5. I'm hoping the new game requires precision driving instead of 'chuck it in and let it slide'. Really hoping for a spiritual successor to the old ToCA games... After a chat I had on twitter with the Senior Brand Manager of GRID and DiRT, his hints have left me feeling very confident. :) We're in for a treat guys (and gals) I'm sure! :D
  6. Not sure if the following have been said yet but it's late, I'm tired and I haven't got the strength to read the previous pages... :P Fully dynamic rubbering in on the track. Each tyre of every car lays down rubber onto the track with each pass it does over it. This also adds marbles to the edge of the track along with dust and gravel. Probably possible on next-gen and PC, not sure about PS3/360. Dirt/rubber build up on cars. After a long race I'd love to see black rubber marks and dirty water marks on the car after a wet race when it's dried halfway through. It would show the car is '
  7. Can't wait for part 7 where I drive the Scooby! Haha... ha... h... Guys? Guys?! :D :P
  8. The first DiRT is the only game I've ever gotten all the achievements for on my 360. :) I loved the game from the moment I started playing it. But after playing DiRT 2/3 and Richard Burns Rally, it became clear how 'sticky' the handling felt. The cars didn't feel loose enough in my opinion. But, this issue is gradually being tweaked in your later games and I'm hoping DiRT 4 will be even closer to simulation than its predecessors. :D
  9. New suggestion from me. Not sure whether it'll be possible for DiRT 4 (if it's not there already), but maybe a future game... How about obtaining the Rally America license? Official stages like the 100 Acre Wood rally and so on? I'd love to race 'alongside' Higgins and Pastrana in the WRX STIs! :)
  10. PS4 is my main console these days. But I've got a PS3 which still has plenty of life left as well as a beastly PC and a 360. :)
  11. @Rallycameraman I could be wrong, but I don't think WRC cars have launch control in real life. From what I understand, then put it in first (with the clutch in), floor it and hold the handbrake. Then when the lights go out, drop the clutch, let off the handbrake and away they go. I could be wrong, but that's what I think it is at present. As for upgrades for the cars. Maybe perhaps have aero tweaks, stronger suspension to take more punishment over the hills of Finland? Also maybe turbos/engines which overheat less when full of snowbanks. :P
  12. With regards to gymkhana. Give us a playground again, but with more simulation handling it should make it much better to practice slides and precision driving. There wasn't much of a training purpose to the DC compound in DiRT 3.
  13. It's just getting me more and more excited for a Codies BTCC game... :P Great to see Turkey win for WSR in race three! :D
  14. FIFA Ultimate Team but with Rally Cars... I love it! :P :D
  15. Less arcade. More simulation. That's my wish. :P Also, proper rabbit technology! :D :P
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