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  1. CarBoyCam

    DiRT Rally 2.0: Input on Inputs!

    Not sure if this has a place in here, but I’ll voice it anyway. Please can you add support for the PlayStation buttons in the UI when using a T300RS with the stock rim? When my wheel has buttons like X and O, it’s reallt frustrating that the game shows them as “Button 8” etc. Pretty sure DualShock 4 controllers show the correct symbols so why not PlayStation wheels?
  2. CarBoyCam

    Why this Subaru

    I think one of the main reasons this was probably included is that remember, this was the last WRC car Subaru built and raced. That in itself makes it special. Sure I love the saloon WRXs more than the hatch. But as a WRC car, I love the look of the hatch and so far I’m absolutely loving driving it in DR 2.0!