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  1. Another buggy, twitchy mess.  I can't believe I let myself get sucked in again.   So disappointed.  I just know this is going to be ANOTHER round of "The patch is coming", "Hmm, you are the ONLY person experiencing that problem", and then silence and no follow-up. The graphics are great, but the rest is a hot-mess.  Again.
  2. The fanboy wars are really getting old.   Grow up
  3. My "Driver of the Day" didn't turn a wheel.  It is Charles Pic.  When the cameras focused on him in the Lotus garage after Maldonado binned it - again - he gave an Oscar Worthy performance of not cracking a smile.
  4. Charles Pic had the best qualifying session today!  lol
  5. Welcome to Codemasters F1 world since 2011.
  6. Perhaps Codies not being aware of how many customers use wheels explains why 2012 and 2013 are such a mess
  7. Let CM take all the time they need, as long as they use that time to make the game work. They really HAVE to with F1-2014.  With 2012 and 2013 twitchy, glitchy twerky mess they really HAVE to get it right.  And I really hope they do get it right. I would much rather have a later release for a game that works properly than have it sooner and be another mess that needs a bunch of patches to make it function.  And if history is anything to go by, they may not do all the patches needed to make the game work. I love F1 racing games and F1-2010 was such a fantastic revelation.  W
  8. And that is why they killed the old forums.   They had no fix and two failures in a row.
  9. Vettel gets a little cranky when the shoe is on the other foot apparently.  
  10. Do you think Lotus are taking repairs off Maldonado's paycheck?  lol
  11. 1.  30 kilo bag of dog food.2.  2 giant bones for dogs.
  12. Focus less on new features.  Focus on making it work.  Walk before you run.  Go back to to when the game was playable and not a twitchy mess and build from there.
  13. A combination of Lewis' China record and the crushing performance of the Merc's should leave little room for anyone els
  14. Ferrari are firmly established to come apart at the seams this year.  Firing Team Principle before the series even gets to Europe stinks of panic. What a shame with two of the best drivers behind the wheel.
  15. I am glad the forums are back up so we can discuss the games and to make them work
  16. I am not slavishly tied to one console designer over the other.  I have followed games to the consoles, not the other way around.  I was a bigger fan of Forza than Gran Turismo so switched to Xbox360 instead of the PS3.  (Still have my PS2) I haven't picked the PS4 or XboxOne yet, because games I want to play havent made me choose.  I hear lots of good things about both. Is there an objective, not "Fan Based" consensus of which console is better?
  17. My wish for F1-2014 is that CM just focus on game-play and in game physics. Actually release a game that isn't a glitchy mess. Please.
  18. Codemasters, quit adding things until you get the basics right.  Get the racing right.  Focus solely on that for F1 2014.   F1/2012 & 2013 are such a glitch soaked mess, and you know they are. PLEASE just focus on a playable game.  PLEASE.
  19. I think the current F1 series is already pretty good but I would like to see a "pro" mode where control of the car is never out of your control. You have to hit your marks on pit stops, be sure not to speed, etc. As well as making the practice sessions more meaningful. Right now you have a single "R&D Objective" on a few weekends each year. But as we know, Any time on track is invaluable to the real teams. Perhaps make the tire wear less the more you run on each type as the team learns more about the tires. But above all, the Holy Grail of new features would be the ability to create your o
  20. I was lucky enough to be at Bahrain this year.   The lower exhaust note adds something:  You can hear tire noise and the turbos.  I think that a really big part of the problem is that the broadcasters werent really prepared how to best present the new noises.   That said, it seems pretty likely that they are going to make them louder by Spain.  Too bad, that seems artificial somehow. There were all sorts of rumours about Lotus getting close to a deal, a partner a new sponsor all weekend in the paddock, and they would all die. It seems Lotus are in genuine trouble.
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