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  1. I'm matching the AI who I'm racing on inters, I'm Red Bull so I'm racing the Force India's, Lotus' and that. But in full wets I'm faster than the Manors only and maybe the Mclaren's if it's one of my preffered tracks
  2. Funny you should say that as my mate had no idea that F1 was coming out until I told him the other day
  3.   Just saw a bus use drs on a lorry, what a move :) LAD
  4. This is my opinion on the matter, but I think they've took career mode out and are trying to strip it down to the basics and get their racing on point with competitive and intelligent AI, I mean let's be honest we never really were the driver just a generic face in a helmet with the driver you replaced name and number on the car. However if they get the basics of racing sorted and put together we can expect to see career mode return in F1 2016 providing CM get the license again
  5. I'm reasonably quick on expert difficulty i.e. I make Q3 and points finish at all the races... so I turn it up to legend at my arguably quickest track (Spa)  and I got into Q2 on a perfect lap but got 15th for my troubles and then in the race I had a 40 lap scrap with Kvyat and Perez resulting in a 10th place finish in my Ferrari, there is too much of a gap between expert and legend is my main point here...
  6. Well I'm going to be Button in my Career or Pro season mode then!
  7. @justbiglee the Kinect & Playstation Headset to talk to engineer feature strikes out to me, I'm from Newcastle, therefore a geordie accent... Will I be understood by my engineer?
  8. I'm on holiday for 2 weeks in June too! Hopefully get to pick a copy up when I come back
  9. Alternatively, similar to the Moto GP game, where the engineer setups up the car then you can reply various circumstances e.g. poor straight line speed and then they would alter the car, and you go set some more times to evaluate whether or not the changes have benefitted the car. Overall though a very good idea simonator!
  10. So you're telling me that if you do a 100% race and you're leading against your rivals and at your final pitstop they don't put your left rear tyre on properly and you have to DNF you'd be happy with that?
  11. Personally, I think it'll be Manor, Toro Rosso or Sauber
  12. The AI to be more competitive and dive down the inside instead of backing out of the move. I'd like a smart AI as say if I was behind Vettel by 2 points in the championship, he would defend as hard as he could to stop me getting past and overtaking him on the standings. I'd really like a pre-season test where you do various objectives to gain experience and help to push the team towards a specific R&D route e.g. agressive, cautious and normal. if your car looks majorly off the pace, they go with agressive R&D and so on.
  13. More competitve AI would nice e.g. they overtake you down inside and actually defend positionsHelemt customisation or the ability to change the colours of existing onesbetter day to night cycle at Abu Dhabi as irl the race start is at sunset
  14. Perhaps an Australian GP annoucement for Monaco GP release?
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