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  1. ABOUT patch for remove the TC from  Pad? 
  2. It's a shame you see it that way, I can assure you it isn't like that. I 100% appreciate the phrases 'we've logged this as an issue' and 'we're looking into it' are sometimes frustratingly vague. I get that. But right now, at this stage, it's all I can offer to you as we finalise things internally. I'm not posting those types of comments just to pass time, it's actually what I'm doing. Feedback on the issues you've raised have continuously been forwarded to the team and they're investigating them now. Hope you can understand. And as I've said a few times - I'll let you know of any developm
  3. Patch for remove the hidden  TC on pad?? 
  4. Patch news?  This game with pad is bad
  5. Bad news. After a week since the game, and after many complaints, developers should be ready with a patch or at least the announcement of a patch!  You are likely to spoil the customer satisfaction to the Codemasters F1 series!
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