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  1. I'm getting F1 2014 for Xmas, so 4 now I am playing F1 2010. Anyone else playing?
  2. Leave your suggestions for what you want in F1 2014? Mine are: More complex team radio Podium celebrations Installation laps Formation laps Gridwalk More frequent safety car Press conferences Team manager mode Return of FP1 and FP2 Customizable person and helmet Silverstone test instead on Young Drivers Test Large amount of team choices for career Return of 1 Lap races Manual pit stops Reduce lag online Pit stops during practice and qualifying Illegal overtake timer
  3. Hi. Out of all the F1 games ever, which do you think is the best? Leave your answer plz!
  4. My F1 2014 wishlist: More complex team radio Able to answer back to pit crew on team radio Podium celebrations and interviews Formation laps Installation laps Parade laps Gridwalk Frequent safety car Make own decisions on what to say in interviews Team manager mode (maybe?) Return of FP1 and FP2 Customizable helmets Silverstone test (replacement of Young Drivers Test) Able to start career in teams such as McLaren. 1 Lap races Manual pit stops like f1 Career Challenge LIVE THE LIFE JUST LIKE F1 2010 (please) etc.
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