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  1. link away - thats what the button is for :) I was thinking more on the lines of people thinking I was poaching users for another forum ;-p http://community.eu.playstation.com/t5/PS4-General/DiRT-4/m-p/21097953#M106019 Had a quick look last night but couldn’t find the notes I’d deliberately left out (for fear of bogging it down) From what I remember MastaVonBlasta has already got them in their OP or they were really old bits from the pre/post Showdown stuff about it heading back to its rally routes (roots), I’m sure there was another that grabbed my attention from the Codies b
  2. Great stuff in here! Looking forward to reading all these interviews, and loving that Tom Cave video (Especially after watching the DMACK Cup the other day) The only bit of ‘gossip’ I have to add right this moment is a re-tweet from (I think, BigLee..? Sorry I’m new round here :-) ) “We’re also a huge fan of Benjaminaward this week that tweeted us a link to the awesome photos he took at this year’s Rally Sweden. We’ve already put them in a special folder marked “Reference Photos”, (don’t know why, DiRT Team must be up to something too). If you’d like to check out Be
  3. There's more than that tucked around the internet - surprised you guys haven't found them all yet. I did see a guy on the PlayStation forums put together some bits but he was still missing a little. I wonder who that was..  :-\" Brilliant thread guys! Just had a read through it, and it's got me hyped again  :D (I used to 'lurk' the old forums ages ago, first chance I've had to have a look at these new shinny ones)
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