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  1. Hi all, I just did my first run for the first rally of this championship. I finished 120th last I checked, but that was due to a dumb mistake I made ON THE FINAL STAGE. It's a night stage and I had a little trouble seeing one particular turn, didn't slow down in time, went off the course and got a 34 second penalty, or I would have finished higher. Dumb mistakes are easier to make on night stages, I see. Jared
  2. I tried to install the patch after manually copying the game files over to my hard drive using your manual copy method.  I put all the lines from your registry config file into the registry, but when I double-click to install the patch, the patcher says "Race Driver not installed".  Am I doing something wrong?  I have a 64 bit windows 7 OS and installing the game through the cd installer failed, obviously, because it's a 64 bit OS and the game installer does not recognize 64 bit operating systems.
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