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  1. SilentPsych


    Like Matthew said, Codemasters isn't really responsible for the issue. If you're Playstation 3 is truly dead, and you can't fix and/or don't want to fix it, you can always just crack the sucker open neatly and remove the disk. I did something similar with my first 360, except i scratched the disk with a screw driver by accident. :( Hopefully you can recover the disk without any hassel. I don't know from experiance, but I know PS3's have a tendancy to come back to life after a few days. Good Luck. :)
  2. SilentPsych

    Codemasters please read!

    I'd venture to say that it will probably be released for the 360 and PS3 as well. I don't think there's anything wrong with having a cross-gen game, so long as the next-gen edition is flawless. ;)