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  1. F1 Car Setup

    F1 2020 Dedicated Setup Website

    Would anyone want setups for classic cars?
  2. F1 Car Setup

    MyTeam Exit Speed

    Can anyone suggest the best R&D upgrades to improve the corner exit speed as I find that’s the cars biggest downfall. j
  3. F1 Car Setup

    Weber and Butler

    When you get to your second season and you can bin off your rubbish second driver and they get signed by another team it feels the same as 2019 trying to beat them all the time, for some reason they seem to driver better for another team.
  4. F1 Car Setup

    Post-qualiyfing interviews

    Haha that will teach me not reaching the title properly. Report it in the bugs section 🙂
  5. F1 Car Setup

    New pit entry at Baku

    How did you even come across that glitch lol
  6. F1 Car Setup

    Post-qualiyfing interviews

    It was a good race for spectators, like they would say in real F1. What’s your question? 😉
  7. F1 Car Setup

    Stupid Clare and Jeff comments

    I tried simulating practice sessions but it was too. Ugh of a drop in development points and I got well behind on development. My main issue with the points is surly the my team mate should be doing the programs as well, I get 500 plus for practice sessions and team mate get 100ish.
  8. F1 Car Setup


    There is a penalty in F1 where if you drive to slowly behind the safety car you receive 5 second penalty, so we’re you going so slow you got hit?
  9. F1 Car Setup

    What does teammate's acclaim actually do?

    Hello Yours and your teammates Acclaim are added together to give your team a total, then can be used to unlock more sponsor space etc.
  10. F1 Car Setup

    * NEW FEATURE * - Spectator Shortcuts

    Awesome, been waiting for these shortcuts forever. J
  11. F1 Car Setup

    Start new practice program without having to garage?

    It’s because in practise and qualifying they have got rid of pitstops in F1 and you have to enter the garage.
  12. F1 Car Setup

    Start new practice program without having to garage?

    Unfortunately not, possibly because it’s a tyre change between programs.
  13. F1 Car Setup

    F1 2020 Dedicated Setup Website

    Added a modding section, come take a look 🙂
  14. F1 Car Setup

    Improving your car in My Team (share your tips)

    Currently 12 races in out of the 22 and Williams a far behind a the all the mid field tied closely together. J
  15. F1 Car Setup

    Simulating practice session points?

    Do you get the same R&D points simulating the practise sessions as completing them as the practise programs get a bit of a pain by race 2 🙈