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  1. I can confirm this issue. In Spain on Mediums, safety car comes out, new suggested strategy, "0 Stops", where it should be pit now on to hards 1 stop or softs 2 stop etc.
  2. F1 Car Setup

    2020 Season UI and intro

    Just saw in another topic about the issues seem to be console related.
  3. F1 Car Setup

    2020 Season UI and intro

    Just finished the Spanish GP in MyTeam at 100%. Played online last night, also set a time at every track on TT mode. Not one bug apart from the coins system. PC by the way.
  4. F1 Car Setup

    Spain last few corners.

    I cant remember where I saw it, but one of the F1 drivers on Virtual Gp's said that in real life the last few corners are a lot faster in real life, and I saw some where else that a beta tester said its improved in 2020. But.... I still cant get the power down as fast as AI to go down the pit straight? Even the Williams pulls away out the corner? Anyone got any advice? J
  5. F1 Car Setup

    Is any part of this game actually working?

    Are all you guys on PS? There doesn't seem to be any of the issues that Ive seen on the forum on the PC version?
  6. F1 Car Setup

    2020 Season UI and intro

    To be fair it shows codies have made a solid game this year as previous years this forum has been about loads of bugs at release, now its intro videos and colours of bushes lol
  7. F1 Car Setup

    F1 2020 launch summed up

    You must be talking about another game 🙄
  8. F1 Car Setup

    Ferrari F1 Thrustmaster Xbox Mapping

    Do you mean to get ur xbox button icons on PC version?
  9. F1 Car Setup

    Best update so far. Well done Codies.

    Best change ive seen so far for #F12020, many different strategies for drivers on a damp start to the race. Going to make the race so much more unpredictable.
  10. F1 Car Setup

    My team difficulty possible bug

    I cant see why this is a bug, you have gone from a top team (Ferrari) in GP mode to a bottom 3 team (MyTeam) ?
  11. F1 Car Setup

    F1 2020 Dedicated Setup Website

    TT is always a great starting point with usually only a few tweaks needed, race setups will be added asap.
  12. F1 Car Setup

    Performance Patch coming soon?

    Might be the case, but Ferrari won my first 2 races of the season.
  13. F1 Car Setup

    When will we be able to finish downloading the game on steam?

    Schumacher edition live on steam!!! Now that's a surprise. B84FB8A5-7CDE-465D-B6CC-2340A0DF13A5.heic
  14. F1 Car Setup

    When will we be able to finish downloading the game on steam?

    Usually when the game goes live in the early hours of the morning. J
  15. F1 Car Setup

    F1 2020 Dedicated Setup Website

    It's that time of year again where were getting ready to bring you the best setups from the racing community. We aim to get all setups ready by end of release day. Australian Grand Prix Bahrain Grand Prix Vietnamese Grand Prix Chinese Grand Prix Dutch Grand Prix Spanish Grand Prix Monaco Grand Prix Azerbaijan Grand Prix Canadian Grand Prix French Grand Prix Austrian Grand Prix British Grand Prix Hungarian Grand Prix Belgian Grand Prix Italian Grand Prix Singapore Grand Prix Russian Grand Prix Japanese Grand Prix United States Grand Prix Mexican Grand Prix Brazilian Grand Prix Abu Dhabi Grand Prix See you on the track 🙂