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  1. Soupy1985

    F1 2019 Dedicated Setup Site

    that's what our website is
  2. Soupy1985

    F1 2019 Dedicated Setup Site

  3. Soupy1985

    F1 2019 Dedicated Setup Site

    It also come down a lot to driving style as I feel im a smooth driver and use a wheel, and I can use the Time Trail setups in career with minimal tweaks. My setups are a starting point, and then the rest of my forum community develop them for the different teams.
  4. Soupy1985

    F1 2019 Dedicated Setup Site

    Thank You
  5. Soupy1985

    Big changes needed.

    IM on race 16 now and no joke I've had the safety car our at least 12 times.
  6. Soupy1985

    F1 2019 Dedicated Setup Site

    Are you guys using F2 setups? Do you want me spent more time on F2 setups? or just put my time in to F1?
  7. Soupy1985

    Safety Car is so hard to bring out ...

    I’m in Hungary now and have had it every race apart from Melbourne 😲
  8. Soupy1985

    F1 2019 Dedicated Setup Site

    Use the time trail setups with a bit more wing depending the team.
  9. Soupy1985

    F1 France is a joke again [R2]

    It came up saying Invalid Lap though?
  10. Great write up, one thing that seems to bother others but not me is the virtual mirror, I have never found it a problem, as in real F1 the drivers say they can't really see behind them with the mirrors they have.
  11. Soupy1985

    The game crashes are getting ridiculous

    Are you using DX12 as I found it very stable using DX11?
  12. Its the opposite in 2019, Im in Austria now in career mode and a reckon I've had the safety car every race apart from Melbourne.
  13. Soupy1985

    ERS Deployment

    I always change it to "Overtake" towards the end of the lap as this gives you more power and uses more of the juice left.
  14. Soupy1985

    Day one patch?

    1, We don’t need patch notes as we never played it pre patch. 2, it’s hard to schedule patches as you don’t know how long it will take to make a patch, very dependent on whats being patched.
  15. Soupy1985

    F1 2019: Issues in France GP

    They have said they will patch the pit entry soon as the pit entry was changed to far in to the game development.