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    GRID - Mode/Feature/Content Suggestions

    I can't believe it was released late and you still didn't get it right. Should of concentrated more on the online side of things than career, seeing as it's the most popular subject. You would of known that if you had done proper research... Online needs a massive overhaul, get rid of quick match. Need public lobbies, need to be able to choose your event, just like grid 1. Basically everything grid 1 had you need to put in this, but must add a decent penalty system for the scumbags and cheaters. Autosport was in the right direction but the rating system was way too harsh, couldn't recognise a bump from a shunt etc. This all needs to be fixed within weeks or the game will soon be in all the bargain bins for a pound. And keep us updated, because at the end of the day we keep your franchise going.