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  1. installation laps and victory laps would be really nice!
  2. also maybe a GP2 series. I realise this will need more licencing but would add a nice touch to the game. You could work you way through the ranks (e.g. Red Bull junior driver, to Red Bull 2nd driver in F1) or maybe this could be a separate game, where the skills acquired in gp2 could be transferred into F1 
  3. F1 2014 should have feature where the driver is able to practise doing a manual pitstop (e.g. turning on speed control, steering, driving into pitbox, launch from pitbox, and turning off the speed control again). This could be something that is needed to be practised, and when sufficient skills have been evolved, the driver is then allowed to do this in a race. perhaps this could be one of the new challenges. Also, a more interactive engineer would be nice to see. the engineer could pose questions such as "how are your tyres?" and the driver can have some options to answer with such as 1. good
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