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  1. feder0v

    F1 2015 Game Ideas and Suggestions

    A career mode with more personality. Classic stuff returning; cars and tracks. Retired circuits like India, Korea, Valencia, and Nurburgring still being accessible.  Everything included right away. NO DLC BULLSHIT. Keep the steering wheel handling the same. The cars feel great to me.  
  2. Dude, it's in Forza 4 too so get over it.
  3. feder0v

    Share Your Wheel Settings Here

    I have the Microsoft Force Feedback wheel and roll with it default. Works great. Been thinking of bumping effects and weight up to 100 though. 
  4. feder0v

    F1 Race Stars anyone?

    Sometimes I like to take a break from the seriousness of the proper F1 games with a little session of Race Stars. Anyone else still play this? We can either do some racing or add each other as friends to race time trial ghosts.  Add me on 360 @ feder0v  :D
  5. feder0v

    Will it be a PS Vita Version of F1 2015?

    Like 5 people in the world have PS Vita and 4 of 'em could care less about Formula 1...
  6. feder0v

    Pad vs Wheel - Concerns

    I played 2012 mostly on controller because I was fairly new to racing on 360. It made me buy a wheel. Better with a wheel. Always is. I played 2013 with both because my wheel broke and I didn't replace it right away. I missed having force feedback obviously, but was still able to have fun and only needed minor changes to my setup.  I had D3 before any F1 game or wheel and spent a ton of time on controller with that game. I started playing it again when I got my wheel and it was so much fun, but a little harder. Eventually I broke most, maybe all of my time trial records on wheel.  I haven't tried F1 2014 on controller and until I have to, I won't. My upshift paddle busted and I've had to switch to shifting with B button, but whatever. Glad there's no KERS because that was the button I used for it in 12 and 13. I guess I'd map it to A button now, but it'd make blasting KERS and upshifting together quite awkward.
  7. feder0v

    F1 2014 - Question about track info

    Start watching actual F1 and you'll learn everything you need to know. Rest those fingers for once in your life!
  8. feder0v

    "Next" DiRT game wishlist!

    I'm with everyone else: more stages in more locations. Long stages are fine with me too.  A decent amount of RX circuits for the occasional break from Rally. Keep the handling good like DiRT 3. Throw in as many WRC cars as you can with as many classics as you can license. Don't get all DLC greedy and give us everything right on the disc. 
  9. feder0v

    Which is the best F1 game so far?

    I played DiRT 3 for a long time before getting another Codies game. My next one was F1 2012. I found it so challenging because I didn't know a thing about F1 when I got it. It was a good enough game to keep me on track and buy the next one, and the same thing happened again. Out of 12, 13, and 14; I'd say 2013 really was the best. The improvement over 2012 was massive, especially in terms of how good it felt on my steering wheel. The classic content was a real joy for me also; even though at first I didn't really care that it was on there. While I love the ERS of 14 blasting the car around the track, I miss having the control over boost that KERS offered.  In short, for me: 2013, 2014, 2012. I have DiRT 2 and 3; I prefer 3 but 2 was still an ok game. Laugh all you want but F1 Race Stars is fun too. The only Codies game I didn't like was Grid 2. I just got GAS today and like it so far. 
  10. Rally's the best by far. I occasionally hit the rallycross circuits and sometimes do some head to head or trailblazer. Trucks and buggies kind of sucked and gymkhana is just plain retarded.