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  1. Got another new CM, they wrote the latest Dirt blog. Or at least I think they're new.. 
  2. Anyone been on Squad? On the fence on if I should buy it or not.
  3. Spent a lot of time on 2010 and would put that forward as my favourite. On the other hand I did a lot of league racing on 2012, some of the best racing I've had. The other games haven't really made an impression on me unfortunately. 
  4. Doubt half of these people could give you the actual definition of terrorism or even point out Syria on a map. People jump on the bandwagon without knowing what they're talking about but that's just social media commentary for you.
  5. Bought all the old GTA games and Max Payne games for IOS. Great stuff even with a touchscreen. 
  6. It's a pretty game but the amount of content in the game just isn't worth the price tag in my opinion. 
  7. Raikkonen will probably stay, it's going to be a good season for them and he can challenge Vettel for sure.
  8. Gotta be said though, fighting back to 4th was a brilliant result for him! Yeah, he seems to be able to work the middle stints really well. Jumps half the field in the stops and keeps up the pace. Same in Aus until that went pear shaped. 
  9. I wish people would stop driving into Raikkonen and ruining his races.
  10. Just got Far Cry 4, G2A are normally really good, but they do have some sellers on there that seem a bit sketchy. Once I was instructed to add a steam profile which then automatically gave me a key for a game, weird. They have G2A shield which means they are 100% liable if the key doesn't work or is removed.
  11. There's nothing out there, I'd expect to hear something more around March time.
  12. I would like to volunteer, been here for a while and I've managed multiple gaming related sites in the past. I've played every Codemasters game 97< so there's my claim to fame.
  13. I liked the track to be honest, it has a great flow. Just didn't produce great racing this time.
  14. They will run 2 cars, Chilton and Rossi. Don't need to think into it so much.
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