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  1. Hoping Rosberg beats Hamilton, for only 1 reason. That flamewar.
  2. USA are punching above their weight and deserve to move forward in the competition. 
  3. I'll change my Twitter name to anything you want for a week.
  4. What he said, we had the tech to get into space long before then, but the US actually managed to get onto the Moon. They went there again several times but it stopped being cost effective very quickly. NASA can't even sent people into space anymore without hitching a lift on Soyuz. They are developing manned craft as we speak though but it's a lengthy process and again they are still awaiting funding. 
  5. He got taken down without penalty twice so i'm not too bothered.
  6. He's adapted to losing the past 8 years.   :-$
  7. This video is running at 60fps.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T3ny9zIckP0
  8. Vettel himself stated that it was his own driving style that was hurting him. He used to be able to use the blown diffuser really well. He could create oversteer into the corners, use the diffuser to power out of the corners. They tried to replicated it this year but they couldn't so he has to change his style. 
  9. Just bought Train Simulator, my body is ready. Also need some people to help me on Payday.
  10. I got it but I don't really like it that much to be honest.
  11. Nah I broke out a few days ago. *Came out
  12. I do not believe it will be next gen. Would have been shown at E3 if it was. Just my opinion.
  13. The worst thing we could have is Hamilton fans spreading their disease.  :-q
  14. Vettel doesn't seem to have a PU anyway haha.
  15. It will be interesting to see how they perform without a power unit, should exciting,
  16. Bottas gets screwed by the late strategy. Good job.
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