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  1. My first memory was of Donnington because when I was a kid I lived there, but as a kid my biggest memory was of his death sadly. 
  2. Yeah it's ridiculous, he literally mumbles and they start trying to pull racist words out of it, bunch of racists themselves if that's how they want to see things.
  3. Hamilton is an idiot, but he's a quicker driver than Vettel.
  4. I watched all those parodies when they came out, people still make them but it's overused.  :(
  5. I can't believe someone is spending their time making these but I found it amusing. Reminds me of the post Grid 2 launch days..  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ISvftf_oTDA&list=UUP-XnGbWHX61MgQOOeixRIQ
  6. Elio De Angelis died before him, that was and still is a very notable incident, I would agree that Paletti who was the last driver to die in an actual race before Roland was largely forgotten. To be honest the main reason people speak of Senna is because nobody expected it to happen to him of all people.
  7. What about F1 games, isn't that licensed from the FIA. FIA can't do anything
  8. It's nice to see Rohan get on the front page though, congrats dude.
  9. Vettel and Kimi are not in the same tier as Alonso. Kimi a few years ago yes, but not since 2012.
  10. I agree but so long as the slow-down doesn't affect the game as it did last time out (pileups) I am content. 
  11. You will buy it because I need someone to crash into..
  12. I doubt it somewhat, but I wouldn't count it out just yet, maybe 1 or 2 cars in there.
  13. I think someone worked out how to turn off the assist on PC using a pad, I hear it was basically impossible to drive in a straight line, imagine to amount of crashes that would cause..
  14. As long as they're ghosted it's all good, should be more fun online looking at the way you're tackling dirty drivers.
  15. Not sure if this has been asked, I saw the corner cut penalty in action in one of the videos out there, is this still in use online? It caused the most ridiculous pileups in Grid 2, would rather the offender was ghosted when it happened.
  16. They could make half the cars CGI if they ever have any issues filling the grid..
  17. Standings starts after a safety car? What an absolutely ridiculous idea! I hate the idea of make the sport more artifically "exciting". 
  18. Does it really make a difference? I mean most of the time you're driving the car or looking at very short and basic cutscenes.
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