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  1. Well he has hit Kimi twice, but in China just watch the start, rear midfield and he's driving like an idiot..
  2. The final list will be close to launch. We'll be talking about locations every week so you'll start to get the picture pretty soon. Has Lavaland returned?
  3. Might I add that Magnussen was on the grass and almost speared half the field last weekend? The last 3 races he's been all over the place knocking into people, just hasn't been noticed because he's been way back.
  4. Bugger! I forgot to take into account their quali positions. Bloody work distracting me from important Formula 1 stuff! :p I can't be bothered to recalculate, so let's just say that going by the chequered flag rules, Alonso was the rightful 2010 and 2012 champion! Somebody tweet this page to Ferrari. Seriously, I dare one of you to tweet this page link and then post the proof ;) Ferrari are pretty desperate right now so they might go for it..
  5. Welcome to Shanghai where you can't see anything through the smog
  6. F1 2014 will likely be next-gen, although nobody really knows at this stage, just seems logical to fire out a game on current-gen and release the flagship title on next-gen at the end of the year. 
  7. I upgraded to the PS4 for several reasons. Smoother interface. Proper social integration. PS Vita remote play. 1080p at 60fps on my TV in the living room. I could go on. Its not just about the graphics. The PS3 struggled to display 720p at 30 fps, which isn't a pleasant console experience. And the interface lagged hardcore. Thenupgrade has definitely been worth the investment, and apparenelty 7+ million other PS4 owners felt the same way... Doesn't stop the fact that the last-gen still holds a majority audience, most people aren't that bothered about the features you mentioned (they ar
  8. This is going to be a very different beast, in my opinion this is the real Grid 2, the game that should have been.
  9. To be honest, last gen consoles are still selling extremely well, alongside that many people have chosen not to or simply cannot afford to move into this current gen. If the graphics really upset you that much you should be playing on PC instead as the PC version will look about as next-gen as it gets. 
  10. Touring Car races kept the first game alive online with Demo Derby in there too, with the clubs this could be kind of a big deal.
  11. According to that video it's 100 per club, sounds like a decent amount.
  12. Not sure I understand the question? Is this in realtion to Clubs? Clubs, I forgot the name for a moment.
  13. Are we having car group competitions, so global leaderboards for the car groups that could potentially earn prizes? Also how many people in these groups?
  14. Only one pre-order bonus this time around, no fragmentation of the Community as a result. That is 100% something that came from your feedback. @joepineapples not currently, right now we're concentrating on getting the core game finished. After that who knows, i'd personally love it. That's what we needed. I remember pointing that out when they were announced. 
  15. The PC version will basically be the next-gen version, I mean most PC ports now look better than the dedicated next-gen console games.
  16. It will most likely be released the same time as last year, generally they leave the news very late (around the British GP normally). 
  17. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=997ZhziUaoo
  18. Vettel agrees, unless they benefit him, in that case it's a part of the sport.
  19. The way it was edited with the second .gif showing is too perfect
  20. Ready to watch Mercedes powered cars overtake everyone else on the straight, that's it.
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