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  1. [first gif removed by justbiglee - sorry Iceman but keep um clean please guys]
  2. Mark and Seb had the same car, Seb could use the performance of the car better than Mark because it suited his style. Also Mark was getting on a bit and was never a really great driver if i'm honest, he had his moments and that's about it.
  3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qhxr1tlu8NM
  4. TDM, DM, Hardcore and Gang Wars. What you would expect, except Gang Wars is like a short story, written by the plays depending on what happens during the rounds. For example one team might be able to grab all of the bags of drugs, of blow up a garage. Then the next round would be different. They are all based around Story events as well. You can customize your loadouts and avatars into the finest detail, use story characters from the old games if you unlock them too. You can use bullet time, shoot dodging, various different boosters.
  5. I have it... Never played it online though :p It's hilarious, use Jack Lupino as my online character. The drugged up boss in Max Payne 1 who thinks he's a messanger from satan.
  6. Can someone play Max Payne 3 on Steam with me, all alone atm. :(
  7. From what i've read, he just looks like a power mad moron with anger issues, who now regrets having these traits.
  8. Yeah, thought it'd be cool to put them together
  9. Doesn't even look like Croft mate.
  10. That's how Rohan feels trying to get girls. 
  11. Maldonado needs to look at these crashes and think, why am I always involved in these?
  12. Perez and Massa will be happy, they basically got kicked out of their respective teams, and into better teams. 
  13. Make one of Maldonado smashing into a Sauber
  14. That was a glitch, not a hack, it's happened to me. VIP code was to make a profit from pre-owned games, nothing to do with pirating.
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