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  1. Alan Wakes American Nightmare, finally.
  2. I loved my M103, I actually got up to the AMX in the 3rd tier I think? Fun game anyway, surprisingly addictive.
  3. It's better without image signatures, they make the forum look messy.  =;
  4. I'm not too bothered about Lotus, they dumped talent for money, social media was harsh to slower teams on Twitter, great to see them at the back.
  5. Yeah, that sounds like a key might be damaged, see if it happens on any other games?
  6. You might be in the presence of the one we call "winestauto".. I think that was his name?
  7. @SynGamer Yeah, the European season will be where the major changes come.
  8. I play PC because I prefer the games on there, the mods, also like to try and get much older games working on there.
  9. Yeah, the Mercedes will dominate the season, maybe Red Bull can pull something back in the late Asian races. Just cheering on Bottas, normally makes things interesting cutting through the field.
  10. Staged in the desert somewhere there will be a race with loads of fast cars, Chris and Matt will be delighted by my quick thinking..
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