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  1. Big resurgence in form by Kimi. Hungary 16th-6th Spa 4th Monza outpaced and overtook Alonso long before Alonso's issues Had a decent chance for pole today.
  2. Scots can't even get that right. How are they supposed to run an economy? 
  3. Not so sure about that. RB seems like a ship which is slowly starting to sink. Newey gone, Prodromou gone.... Yeah but Ferrari have already sunk, and now they're drowning each other in the water.
  4. Those brake discs.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L0HAidmfUzo
  5. The oil production is falling extremely fast. Scotland are shadowing Norway in production. 
  6. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PJyrz8m84cU
  7. Great bait mate Honestly, Ricciardo has 3 wins, he's always there at the end.
  8. Ricciardo would be the one to take the win in that case.
  9. You get the idea though, some drivers seem to need much more help than others.
  10. Hamilton, Massa and some of the others basically need to be talked around the track, I can see issues appearing. Hate to say it but Vettel and Rosberg types are good at sorting issues out themselves, then there's Kimi who is probably a bit happier now.
  11. Hamiltons car to set on fire and Rosberg to win with Magnussen crashing into someone.
  12. You're assuming he can make it out of the garage with a front wing, brave.
  13. 19 is fine, he'll probably be in his 20's before he gets a real drive. That's too old, just look at poor Vergne :p Bottas is 25 now so he started quite old for today.
  14. 19 is fine, he'll probably be in his 20's before he gets a real drive.
  15. Would be great but all 3 suck lol.
  16. Didn't see this but both the Red Bulls went off at the start at Spa. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PdwIi1P8WLk
  17. What Raikkonen crash? Pretty sure he means Silverstone :p Coulthard picked up on what was happening pretty quickly though. Ooohh that one :p  He did take a breath just before DC took over so I'd imagine he was about to call it. Also can someone tell Ben to stop saying 'oh my goodness' when theirs any form of incident. "Oh deary me". "Ahwohoo contact!" "Oh and crashes Massa" - Ben Edwards "Oh and we have contact on the right left" "Did they make contact?" "On this day in history" "Agg and he just loses it under breaking" - DC
  18. He reminds me more of Justin Beiber. Talks about swag, stupid caps, wannabe tattoos. Beiber is white so come at me bro. 
  19. I went the last 3 years but nothing there for me this year.
  20. I've been watching quali lap comparisons between Bottas and Rosberg / Hamilton. The Mercedes drivers are really scruffy, but they gain time because the car is so fast, here's an example, Bottas drives so much better.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PmkMhDW_Rxs
  21. Here somewhere, i'm not one of the people on screen, I just sent a tweet. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O04dmfCQVpI
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