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  1. Bottas answered my question on the Williams live stream  B)
  2. Or maybe make it so that they don't have to spend the whole race managing the car and looking after various systems. You know, like they did before all these stupid rules were introduced? 
  3. Deej didn't deny Destiny was coming to PC at some point, would be nice although i've not really looked into this game.
  4. It's Codemasters Japan, wouldn't surprise me if they outsource a lot of work to them especially with animation etc. 
  5. Raikkonen is now in the top 10 in the WDC standings having overtaken Magnussen, it's something.
  6. Rosberg just made a mistake, it didn't ruin his race, I mean 18 points is 18 points.
  7. Yeah when Raikkonen crashed Edwards was just like "Hamilton Hamilton Rosberg Look at Hamilton". Meanwhile a massive crash and pileup. 
  8. Performance gap will close up which is great, but i'd like to see a Red Bull team with 3-4 cars without Rosso on the grid, 3rd and 4th seat for rookies. 6 Red Bulls cars would be too much.
  9. That abuse, you've made yourself look a bit silly. Lost the argument and cried in a corner.
  10. Shut up AMS, I've been watching the sport probably before you were born. But you get so enraged it's tragically funny. edit: wow are you really going to flag me for that? Pathetic. 
  11. But I have noticed 1 thing, start any debate with a Vettel fan and they will ALWAYS try and turn it into a Monza  STR debate. You'd think he's spent his whole career in by far the fastest car winning from the from or something.
  12. Not my fault he's getting throttled by Riccster.  At least you can blame strategy for the next 10 years aye.
  13. Not a bad car at that stage, his useless teammate proves this, Williams 2013, a bad car. But I was focusing on the overtakes. 
  14. We've seen him overtake without it plenty of times, Austin 2013 in a slower car for example.
  15. Making a note, Kimi overtook and pulled away from Alonso, legitimately beat him again. Before Alonso retiring. 
  16. I was 15 at my first house party. Got absolutely wasted and had to go on a 6 hour ferry journey to France the next day... Not fun! That was the first of many ferry journey's to France where I was wasted ;) @sjsharp2010 So true :( I just feel so out of place being around a party of 23 year olds it's unreal :s We can put you in a home don't worry.
  17. Put some gravel on the outside of the second turn like how it is today.
  18. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7fE7WtWcT64
  19. I don't see  Will going off on one, only the stupid kids that tweeted him. One said "I hope you die soon" some people shouldn't be allowed near the internet  :p Go on his replies, there were loads I see nothing bad, if people can't take it they shouldn't give it out ie like when someone said "I hope you die" what's he meant to say back? Like I said if people want to be immature and stupid towards him then what do they expect back. Most of these people who are 15 yo trolls wouldn't say these things in person. If people like you don't like him, why the hell do you follow him or r
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