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  1. I'm horrific at Race07. So there will probably be some big incidents.
  2. I'm going to step out of this, it's becoming an Alonso circlejerk. 
  3. I can't remember that being debated at any stage.
  4. Massa is quick in quali, but he's slow in the race. He beat Alonso quite a few times in quali, but in the race he was always miles behind. Even look at Bottas and Massa now, take away bad luck and you can see that Massa is good in quali, but the points Bottas has scored show how inconsistent Massa is in the races. This is also pre-accident Massa. Not slow but just not as quick.
  5. Is anyone going to explain why he wasn't? 
  6. And Kimi isn't? Sure Kimi could move to another team, but his reputation has definitely taken a blow this year. Alonso on the other hand could do whatever he wants. He's widely regarded as the most complete driver on the grid and there's not many teams who'd say no to having him. Kimi isn't bothered, he's going to retire at the end of his contract anyway. I wouldn't say his reputation has taken a massive blow, he was always the fastest guy out there before 2009. 2012 and 2013 were simply sublime, destroying his teammates with ease. This year he's had bad luck, struggles with the harder com
  7. Yeah but Alonso still never wins anything. He's trapped.
  8. Ferrari F1 would be better off without Raikkonen. How many championships has Alonso won for Ferrari? Oh wait.
  9. Ferrari F1 would be better off without Ferrari F1.
  10. Spa is all about the circuit undulation and fast sweeping corners, the runoff doesn't really affect this.
  11. Although being quick in lower categories doesn't always mean that they are quick in F1, but for the most part it does. I'd rather not have a child on the grid though.
  12. Most of the Youtubers are plebs, I mean their videos suck, and they farm views with fake titles / thumbnails. There are a couple that I like to keep up to date with however. 
  13. True, but why would they want Hulk anyway? He's quick but i've seen better drivers out there. Just watched Daniels move on Hamilton again, that was incredible, didn't Lewis once say that nobody overtakes him around the outside? Because Daniel just did that son.
  14. I'd imagine they want Vettel more than they want Hulk, in fact there are many drivers on the grid that would be ahead of him in the queue. Not that any fan of Hulk should want him to go there, and get dominated by Fernando.  
  15. I would say the same but I don't think Vettel is beating Ricciardo at anything apart from DNFs and most times moaning on the radio  o:)
  16. Yeah it's no good, although Alonso's performance is a bit pointless if he's never going to win anything again, which at this rate he won't.
  17. I found it funny when they said "Daniel you have never finished on the leaders lap here before". And he said something along the lines of "Oh don't say that man!".  Well then.
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