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  1. Bottas 8th was disappointing, but the pitstop left him waiting for everyone to go past and the Williams just doesn't like damp conditions. 
  2. Alonso is by far the best driver on the grid though, Hamilton, Vettel, Ricciardo, or any of the other top drivers are not even close in the races. He's an absolute legend, I wouldn't be surprised if Kimi is outperforming that car and Alonso is just that quick. Speaking of Raikkonen he did a really good job today.
  3. Oh come on we both know that's not true. Red Bull clearly messed up the strategy at the first SC Yeah but he beats him in almost all the races by a massive margin, can't blame the strategy every time..
  4. Ricciardo > Vettel yet again. They're in different leagues.
  5. Rosberg  pushed Bottas, he is now my enemy.
  6. Perez accepting blame and apologizing, hear that Massa?
  7. Did everyone see that bad luck Rosberg has because of the safety car? 
  8. Mercedes MADE HIM SPIN with insane hackingskillz
  9. Then Hamilton is being beaten by an average driver  B)
  10. He did lose wins in Canada and Silverstone so it's not all good
  11. It's been happening for ages, surprised the media finally decided to report on it. And then just north you have ISIS taking Northern Iraq and Northern Syria which is lovely.
  12. Really? You as a Kimi-fan are going to make fun of Hamilton-fans? Ain't that russian roulette with 6 bullets? ;) I hate Kimi fans just as much as the guy next to me, well not all of them of course.  o:) And I actually do not believe Kimi deserves that seat, he has almost no motivation at the moment.
  13. Hamilton fans when he breaks down. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HQoRXhS7vlU&feature=youtu.be
  14. Schumacher 2012, that was ridiculous. But yeah, it happens.
  15. I imagine Rosberg will leave here with 30 points in hand.
  16. Will be hard to overtake, even with 28 kph up his sleeve. Nico will probably win the WDC, he's had some bad luck but has been very consistent in comparison.
  17. Half the threads on this forum 
  18. Spa is enough to keep up the expectation for me. The points are pretty close already.
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