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  1. Well, not just technically, it is 0. Sorry. I have x10 the championships Alonso has at Ferrari.
  2. With all the hype surrounding him, Vettel should have demolished his rookie teammate by now. And to add to that Riccardo is only going to get better.
  3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L4pX5QDAMJY
  4. Yeah it's just rejected Toro Rosso / Marussia drivers, going to be great.
  5. Having seen both driving, I can confirm that they sound a lot worse than an F1 car.
  6. Formula E is the Dirt: Showdown of motorsport.
  7. Well it was his number and helmet so far as I can see. Edit: Confirmed not to be Nasr as avatar.
  8. Felipe Nasr is the avatar for F1 2014, it got leaked ages ago but I just found out.
  9. And the 30 times since then  :'( You better change your Fb status, to prove it!
  10. Ricciardo only performed better than Vettel because he wasn't pushing? So Vettel hasn't been pushing all season then?
  11. Normally we get info late May to early July, if it goes to August I can see the release window being very late. Not sure I like how long they've gone before announcing anything, it's concerning. 
  12. Well we all know that isn't true. It clearly means a lot to you, maybe you should get a hobby. Goodbye.
  13. It wasn't a comeback.. Coming from the one who changes driver allegiances per session lol. Besides he ruined Trulli's race.
  14. Look guys, we know Rosberg isn't 100% German. But it's clear that Hamilton mentioning it now before his home race is a dick move.
  15. German / Finnish brought up in Monaco. I wouldn't say he's German although he can choose through his dual nationality. He used to race as a Finn.
  16. Valtteri Bottas works at Codemasters. https://twitter.com/j_c_nicholls
  17. TJ reckons Bottas looks like a truck driver, I am insulted. 
  18. That isn't an excuse to go off the track though. He went off to get a better run on turn 5, and when he overtook Fernando he went all 4 wheels off on the exit. Not great to see.
  19. Completely agree with Will Buxton here.  "For clarity, Alonso complained that Vettel was exceeding track limits to get within DRS detection. Vettel complained about hard racing."
  20. The V6 sounds better than the V8, it just isn't loud enough.
  21. They have been fast all year, but they have finally gotten over the tyre issues.
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