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  1. The Williams looked mighty, second best car on the grid?
  2. He was saying only the bottom 2 pieces were damaged, when a car hits those it's call decapitation.
  3. "The tyres are rubbish" "I can't find the balance" "Argh this is rubbish" "We have no chance" - Jenson Button the past 3 years.
  4. Does maldonado going back give Bottas 14th?
  5. However that is. Hamilton was no better, and he's getting worse.
  6. At least Vettel isn't trying to be someone. He's just himself.
  7. Save corrupts have been in just about every Codies game recently. It's pretty shocking.
  8. Ferrari won't be fighting Williams haha. The Williams off the line can probably jump a couple of rows.
  9. That because it's hard to post whilst driving at 200MPH? :p Maybe Lewis was busy posting rubbish on his Twitter?
  10. You missed out the awkward pauses and the bit that I said lol.
  11. In other news my hate for Vettel has decreased.
  12. He just mumbled like he was about to cry, then said "I don't want to talk to you".
  13. Bottas is 15th after pens, not too bad actually.
  14. Ferrari are a joke, more shocked at Williams. Unlike Ferrari they can pass a lot of cars tomorrow.
  15. I used to like Hamilton. Now he's always trying to "play a part". And by "part" I mean #swag #420 #gangsta #sweg #money #$$ #celeb #bae #peace #brother #blessed #legend #inspiration #caps #morecaps #LA #soul #blessedsomemore #sun #outside #dream #livinglyf #boss #idontcare #badass #tattoos #instagram   And that's just his average Tweet.
  16. He's going to become one of those drivers that just fades thanks to bad choices. Although Haas would give him top treatment, a lot of money and he would be able to build the team around himself. God knows what money issues Lotus are having now as well.
  17. Raikkonen to retire at the end of his Ferrari contract (2016). Moving into other forms of motorsport apparently, not surprising. 
  18. Ham / Raikkonen / Vettel fans are 99% moronic children. Fortunately on here most of them are the 1%.
  19. Not at all, a lot of people really do not like Hamilton so Rosberg does have a lot of support.
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