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  1. Where are you pulling this idea that F1 2015 has been worked on since 2012? Also Project Cars Formula A, is a spec series. They make one car and slap a bunch of different liveries in it. F1 2015 has the 14 and 15 season, which has 11 and 10 teams. So Codemaster's have to make 21 F1 cars all with different performance and appearance. I don't believe Codemaster's would have started work on 2015 till late 2013 at the earliest. Even if they did start it then they would have had to split the team so some could work on 2014 and the other to start work on 2015. So I'd wage they've only had 1.5-2 ye
  2. I know it's not been great, but some stuff we just can't say.  This might be one of those things that I can't talk about yet unfortunately. So I'm going to say nothing (sorry!)  Can you show the forums to the people who sign off on everything and give you permission to say things. Do they know that their consumers (the reason they have a job) are irritated with the lack of information on the game. It seems like someone needs to give them a slap and let them know that the name "F1 2015" isn't going to sell as well as they might think.
  3. Community Manager. Twitter handle seems appropriate "LiteralZero" Literally Zero information since the announcement 
  4. Well, like I stated before, I receive information sporadically and not all is 100% confirmed to be truth. However, from what I read either here or on Twitter from the developers, I would say 90% becomes truth... This information however is different regarding the delay of the preview event. If I was to relay this information when I heard about it, and then posted it here on the forum and wasn't truth, I would be subject to another warning or possibly a permanent ban... I could share all what I've been informed of but as you are aware, the previous information which mostly turned out to be
  5. So many red flags about this game, it's a shame that it's got to a point where a game designer has taken it upon himself to keep the community informed of what he can, whilst the community manager is no where to be seen 
  6. trust me guys, I'm Fernando Alonso, take my word for it. F1 2014 has the best physics of any racing game ever
  7. Will it still be possible to communicate with your engineer on PC? I understand that voice commands aren't a feature on PC, but would PC users be able to communicate via Keyboard. For example 1 on the number pad is weather update, 2 is gap to car ahead etc
  8. Source on manual start procedure? I've skimmed articles but haven't seen anything on it
  9. I think it could. It's a few weeks before the Silverstone Grand Prix and I imagine the British are one of the main demographics. Also it's the summer holidays so a lot of people won't have anything to do, rather than mid to late October when a lot of potential buyers have exams to revise for. When 2010 was released they did a feature on BBC at Monza where Lewis and Nick Hamilton played against Jake Humphrey. I think if Codemasters managed to do something like that with Sky this year it'd be very cool. The Sky F1 Team all have a race.
  10. Yes because a man who left yesterday is going to cause the change of direction of a game that's been in development for over a year
  11. Personally I'd buy 2013. You can probably get it for cheaper, and I prefer the driving on 2013. If you're using a controller, then there is a wider range of skill. On the controller 2014 has assissts still turned on, even when they're turned off. When you have traction control, and abs turned off, it's still very hard to break traction, or lock your breaks. So I think in terms of a controller, 2013 is more challenging, and I prefer the 2013 cars to drive because of the speed. If you have a wheel I would consider 2014 as the game becomes a lot harder, but a lot more fun. They're both of a sim
  12. What are the two extra players going to be driving? Safety Car & Medical Car???? Or the 2014 cars? Last time I checked there were 22 cars in the 2014 season
  13. Great announcement. With the new tyre model, will we see driving styles effecting wear rates? One of my biggest gripes with the last generation of the F1 games was that the tyre wear seemed scripted and driving style didn't really have much of an impact, as once you reached a certain lap the grip would be gone.
  14. I'll be getting it, I've got a fair bit on money on my Game reward card, so I'm not going to be paying full price anyway. Plus me and my friends always play countless hours of splitscreen, so going by my usual measurement of at least an hour per pound paid I'll be getting my money's worth
  15. Implying those were achievments. Why don't you just list the actual bad achievements instead of exagerating and making ones that don't exist up
  16. And then the cutscene aafterwards would have been the engineer shaking his head haha 
  17. Update FYI... Despite missing both RB targets at Australia, I still continued on just using quick car setup. And even though no car upgrades were made, the results at Malaysia were as follows:                        Target                   Result Qualy               2nd                       Pole Race                 Win            
  18. Interesting read, and I agree with a lot of your points, especially if a feature is mechanially redundant, doesn't mean it doesn't add anything. I use my imagination a lot when playing F1 2013, make my own news articles in my head haha, like if I start 5th in race, but spin and fall to the back, but over the course of the race I manage to claw back and get like an 8th place or something. The team are disapointed, but I have the "excellent recovery drive" in my head. The very robotic goals on the career mode could do with being worked on. Your goal is to finish 2nd, but you get hit by a car and
  19. See, this is where you and I differ. I find no joy at all where I get pole and win the race by 29 seconds. It was an absolute snooze-fest and I don't want any of my races to be like this. I'd much rather drive a mid-tier car and scrap for a points finish. And it's impossible to calibrate tracks according to AI competition in career b/c of the R&D parts upgrade factor. But I do really enjoy 50% race length and car damage on. I will incorporate these into my GP races. I never said I enjoy it. I said stick with it because Malaysia is easy. China is harder, I enjoy being in the midfield, I
  20. Update FYI... Despite missing both RB targets at Australia, I still continued on just using quick car setup. And even though no car upgrades were made, the results at Malaysia were as follows:                        Target                   Result Qualy               2nd                       Pole Race                 Win            
  21. Would you like to explain to me how Super Aguri scoring 4 points, and Honda scoring 6 points, is Super Aguri "embarassing" the works Hondas. The budgets of the two teams? Super Aguri with no money and half the season with pay drivers, got within touching distance of a full works Honda team with basically bottomless pockets and top class drivers. Id call that a MAJOR embarassment.  No different to Ferrari selling Marussia a 2 year old chassis and having Bianchi within 2 points of the factory at seasons end. Thats very damaging to a companys reputation. Luca di Montezemolo would behead
  22. 2014 technology. You are aware that The Xbox 360 and PS3 are 10 years out of date hardware aren't you?
  23. I'm sure they've said before they can't use TV angles all the way round due to the graphical limitations on consoles. and you beleive them? Seems that every racing game in history has used TV replays but obviously its too much for the consoles. Convenient excuse for what should be a standard feature in ANY racing game especially in modern times I'm interested, what recent racing games do have TV style replays? motoGP, Gran Turismo, basically every non codemasters racing game in history? even GTA has put more thought into it and stealing cars and killing ¢unt$ isnt a sport last tim
  24. Would you like to explain to me how Super Aguri scoring 4 points, and Honda scoring 6 points, is Super Aguri "embarassing" the works Hondas.
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