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  1. I got back about 26 fps average and never went under 100. It was dropping into 70's before this fix.
  2. Awesome job. Looking forward to the patch.
  3. hardware_settings_info.xml hardware_settings_config.xml
  4. Here are two benchmarks before season 3 and one after. Hope they can help. Benchmark_2019-10-29_at_11-59-59.xml Benchmark_2019-10-29_at_11-59-59_frametimes.csv Benchmark_2020-02-01_at_15-14-42.xml Benchmark_2020-02-01_at_15-14-42_frametimes.csv Benchmark_2020-04-23_at_10-55-19.xml Benchmark_2020-04-23_at_10-55-19_frametimes.csv
  5. Bob422

    AI cars just sitting at the start/finish line

    I just experienced this bug yesterday as a friend and I were leveling a new car. I had never done custom matches before and it happened twice in the span of 30 minutes. This was on PC.
  6. Bob422

    LAG - Codemasters you gotta fix this.

    Lag is really the wrong word in this case because it can happen online or offline, single player or multiplayer. It has nothing to do with internet connections. I have seen a few people say the gpu usage drops to zero when this freezing happens. I don't know what the cause is, but I hope we can find out and get it fixed.
  7. Bob422

    online race time counter

    The simple solution would be to show percentage complete instead of the meaningless counter. That would work for all disciplines and race types.
  8. Bob422

    LAG - Codemasters you gotta fix this.

    This happens in single player as well for me. GRID 2 was the first game that did this for me. There were all sorts of theories about the cause. Most popular seemed to be that this happened if you installed the game on a SSD. I didn't have an SSD last year with Grid 2 but I had the exact same problem you showed in your video. It now happens in Autosport too with my new rig that has 2 SSD drives, one boot drive and one game drive. Many people seem to feel it has something to do with the replay folder that is on the boot/operating system drive. I've tried the so called fixes, but nothing has worked. The people I play with have a variety of hardware but we all have this same exact problem. Intel, AMD, Nvidia, ATI, it doesn't matter. This issue really needs to be looked into and fixed. I will happily provide whatever information Codemasters wants if it will help figure this out.
  9. Bob422

    Impact rating bugged?

    Impact ratings on PC were broken in the patch from 3 or so weeks ago. They don't work in the Playlists but will work in Custom Matches if they are enabled.
  10. Bob422

    AI Discussion and Feedback

    I like the AI for the most part. There are times when I am side by side with one of them going down a straight and he/she/it will slam into the side of me trying to push me off the track. I don't like that. But I wouldn't change much other than that. FYI, I play on Hard or Very Hard depending on what I'm racing.
  11. Bob422

    An idea for kick votes

    I had the exact same experience with that club today. Once I got a win they tried to vote kick me but it didn't pass. The next race I got slammed off the track by three of them on the first lap. Everyone had been racing clean up to that point. I decided it wasn't worth it and left after that race finished.
  12. Bob422

    Input Override Setting

    I have been using x360ce and it is a workaround, but it's not ideal. It adds a bit of input lag and is extremely sensitive with most of the open wheel cars. I've been using it for games that only work with Xbox controllers since 2008 and had pretty good success with most of them, but they are usually very much arcade games and I can get away with it. Grid Autosport requires precision if you want to be highly competitive.
  13. In almost all Codemasters Racing games we have a hardware_settings_config.xml file and in that file is the line: <input device_type="auto" /> I have always forced this to "wheel" with my joystick because it responds better than it does when the game thinks it's a "pad". But, in DiRT Showdown, Grid 2 and Grid Autosport, forcing it to "wheel" results in total loss of steering. These same games also show my Turn Left/Turn Right as "LS" in game instead of the actual axis name like older games do. I assume this has something to do with the trend of assuming everyone either uses a gamepad or wheel these days and nothing else and the "LS" means Left Stick. These same games also do the exact same thing to a friend of mine who has a Thomas-Superwheel. It's an actual wheel that these games see incorrectly as a gamepad and he can't force it to wheel either. @Loore I am grateful for the addition of advanced controller options to Grid Autosport in the last patch as that has made the game playable now for some of us. But is there any chance this input override setting could be patched to function again? That would change things from playable to actually being competitive. Bob
  14. Yep, I get that all of the time. I've reported it here several times, but it always seems to be ignored.
  15. I just wanted to thank @Loore and the development team for Grid Autosport for getting this feature back into the game with today's patch. It works great! Good job and thanks again. :)