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  1. If that is updated, it is really bad, nowhere close to a 208 R5 It does sound closer, at least. In D4, it was a blatant copy-paste of the Fiesta R5's sound. I don't think they managed to source one sadly. It'll have to be a tweaked Fiesta sample.  Sourced, recording in Jan hopefully.
  2. Tuthill Porsche is literally 10 minutes down the road from Prodrive.  They could do old and new in the same day Yes, just 10 mins away. Reality is, they don't have any cars to record that aren't customers cars. Which is why we went elsewhere. It's all so simple eh. “Could” being the key word, assuming permission and availability.   You seem quite frustrated.  Perhaps that would confirm that you are having to use the 80’s sounds for the RGT car and the 80’s car won’t actually feature...? Na, not frustrated, I'm just blunt like that ;) You did make it sound so easy though
  3. We were discussing this recently. It might be possible to have cockpit sounds on the bonnet, but moving any other positions would be problematic, if simply not possible. Can't promise anything ATM sorry.
  4. Wait there's a third car? Hmm, I hope there isn't!
  5. Temptation to go to PC World after work, buy a new PC and download DiRT Rally: HIGH. SO. MUCH. WANT. @tbtstt I would never want to interfere with your purchasing decisions, but DO IT! It would be awesome to punt you off in the first corner ;] But not PC world... try scan!
  6. Google translated each post, it's still quite difficult to understand the problem. "I'm sorry but I already have a game on a physical medium - lish I want to know about the company free content - as the store itself is already closed and I did not send me neodumenii this content - I buy the game 2 times does not intend to" "game in my GEMS odds vindovs Life sits and there are no add-ons" "they have there is a lot of content is gathering dust - and I swallow saliva and can`t buy - as the store itself is closed" "no card no - no patch can not see - I nevezet"
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