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    What's the news on F1 2015 this past week?

    Cool, I live in Turkey.What was the purpose of your visit?BTW there wasn't any new info this week which is totally nonsense since there is less than 2 months for game's release
  2. MustafaSever

    Announcing F1 2015

    @justbiglee Hey man, I saw the release date as June 12 on many sites including videogamer.com and I don't think that they would say anything without good source.So can you confirm that, also I gotta say that I was not very fond of you before announcement cause of the lack of info but now as a wise old man once said "I am very fond of you Mr.Lee" :smile: 
  3. MustafaSever

    What is the build/test console for 2015

    Considering the statement from CM at the leaked mail which is " the game is working around 45-55 at PS4", I think it is probably PS4.
  4. MustafaSever

    F1 2015 Leaked (Confirmed)

    They are definitly gonna announce next week!!!