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    Improving Codemasters Image

    Codemasters for me is where gaming started, back in the days of Dizzy, I loved Grid and Dirt, and I am also a HUGE fan of the Operation flashpoint games, for me the downfall of the brand was the lack of communication we had with CM staff, I remember talking to a community liaison when Grid 2 was announced and I told him then, that unless the issues with the previous title were dealt with, (Achievement glitched on xbox360) then the forums of two of the biggest achievement sites would be proof enough that people would turn their backs on CM, and sure enough, the issue was ignored, now whether it was a microsoft issue / CM issue, it doesn't matter, I was one of the lucky people,  The main problem with the brand is that it's out of touch with what people want, CM always made games with just the correct amount of difficulty, but all titles were easy enough to pick-up and play. CM needs to have MORE approachable members of staff, fellow gamers, youtubers, twitch streamers, Hell, I'm no big youtuber by far, but one of my favourite videos in an operation flashpoint one,  Codemasters has a unique opportunity, one that EA had, and didn't take up and now people are turning their backs on them, anyway, it's this, Microsoft are giving free games away on their consoles, yes? and every time these get released, they get streamed, instantly, as soon as you go to the game details on the one, you can see a few people streaming the game, this is where, you can have your 'Streamers' in place, paid professionals / known youtubers, and in multiple languages with community members / staff / devs, ready in the stream chat to answer questions. I came here today to look for information about any possible Operation Flashpoint games for next gen. Sadly, I don't see any. Simple fix, for the company, :- Our kids would enjoy the games we started with, Dizzy ect... I love watching my kids play tomb raider and other titles from back in the day, As a parent and a serious gamer I want more, I want fun yes, like arcade games, but if you are informed you will know, gamers want more simulation type games, now, there's shooter in the making, not as serious as Arma... has the feel of Op Flashoint, CM need to branch out, And another thing that kinda killed CM for me, having VVV cheat the leaderboards on Grid and admit to it, then for CM to do nothing about it. You need gamers, paid professionals that are good, helpful and can show the community that their issues ARE being addressed. Dice are finally starting to listen, anyway, sorry about the name and shame, but without it, you wont see the simple little frustrations, that are only a part of it, I could go further, but I'm Starving!