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  1. Taylor496

    Grief Reporting for Online Multiplayer

    Sorry to continue on an old post, but is there any possible way of keeping a user away from your lobby on this game? For weeks on PSN a user, who I can't name as it's against the rules but you could probably guess who, has been actively searching for my public lobby and probably every other lobby to do nothing but take players out. It's the same problem all the time and nothing works, kick voting does nothing as they just leave immediately and rejoin again after, and it's absolutely tiresome. If possible could F1 2015 bring back F1 2010's old kick system of the host being able to remove people instantly? Or maybe introduce a blacklist so that a user can have someone banned from ever joining their lobby, or just be able to report them to Codemasters or Sony if it gets too much? I've gotten to the point where I just don't really play the game anymore apart from my league races and it's a massive shame as I do enjoy racing people from all over the world online and the battles can be brilliant. I just hope that with the new game maybe a kick system or some form of grief reporting is implemented to allow people to play online without worrying about certain gamers, who are playing the game purely for ruining other people's online experience. Hopefully a reporting system is in F1 2015 and people can get back to racing as they want again!