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  1. I dont understand why they have taken staggered starts from the franchise ...You could find pieces of cars and broken signs and see the footprint of the cars ahead. It was one of the things that differentiated it from the other titles and gave it more immersion. :(

    You're talking about on stage multiplayer?  Yeah, you'd get shorter and/or less detailed stages and something that's not Rally - remember this is supposed to be hardcore stage rally.
    Both, online and solo. Do you mean some graphic engine limitation or something like that? I suppose that the engine after 10 years should have improved as to allow longer stages and better physics. I'm just saying its a pity. It has also happened with the split screen function, present in dirt 3.

  2. I dont understand why they have taken staggered starts from the franchise ...You could find pieces of cars and broken signs and see the footprint of the cars ahead. It was one of the things that differentiated it from the other titles and gave it more immersion. :(

  3. So if there is deformation in the terrain, will have rally with staggered starts like Dirt2/3? I would like to see cars pass when you drive slow with damage...traffic is part of the rally.

  4. So, without having more details and without any mention of the team for months, becoming deaf for dirt 4 claims, now they pretend to pre-purchase your game? LOL, sure...take my money!!! LOL. People lose their memory very quickly. Here some questions, waiting at least a reply from someone from codemaster team. If you put a price you have to talk about what are you buying ;)
    -We will have multiplayer rally mode with staggered starts like Dirt2/3?
    -What about Hillclimbs?
    -Split screen mode?
    - Dlc tracks are new locations or only tracks?
    -Dlc tracks/cars for rally or rallycross?
    -What about your stage?
    -Track length?

  5. Operator1 said:

    ...Graphics and sound suck though, big time.

    LOL. "Big time?" I wouldn't go that far. I enjoy great graphics & great audio as much as anyone, but I think it's funny when people say good graphics and/or good audio "suck" just because they're not better than everything else. Sebastien Loeb Rally EVO may not look & sound as amazing as some other games, but it's not like it's a throwback to 80's Atari gaming. :p

    Love SLRE, way better than some fanboys think.
    Im sure RBR, the "best rally game" looks and sounds better.
    Back in the days developers introduce D3 as simulator, now is shi...arcade.
    From beginning, RBR lack of success, 10 years later best rally ever made :S

  6. @KickUp
    Simulation mode will be full hardcore simulation?
    I mean wheel rotation, abs, inside view...
    What about H + clutch cars if you dont have lever and peddal?
    That settings give too much advantage over others who set full sim.
    I use 450ª but i dont have problem on set 900ª if the conditions are the same (standard) for all.
    P.D- Hope it has been solved the nationality flags
    We have (Uruguay) Gustavo Trelles, who has
    achieved a great success with his Lancer Evolution. He won the Group N FIA Cup four consecutive years from 1996 to 1999. He also finished second in 1990, 2000 and 2001. Also competed in the WRC from 1988 to 1993, mainly with a Lancia Delta Integrale.
    It should be an obligation add it ;)
    Well, thats all folks, take care.

  7. @KickUp
    Is the same ego engine used on dirt rally?
    I think all of us prefer head 2 head or special stages over rallyx and landrush.
    What about raid? Trucks more fun than buggies.
    Your stage is only for rally stages (point to point) or also includes closed circuits?
    When the car is totally destroyed, you have to buy another one or repair it magically?
    Soundtracks- Will happen the same as happened with the expired licenses on dirt2?
    What about anti cheat?
    I wonder how many daily tournaments won porkhammer ... you have to write on a paper so they are not forgotten?
    Game need ranking table in addition to the leaderboards times...like this http://www.atpworldtour.com/es/rankings/singles .
    And please! This time put all the countries for nationality profile
    Im from Uruguay...Really annoying see "other"
    http://www.atpworldtour.com/es/players/pablo-cuevas/c882/overview  =)

  8. Guys, just a question:
    Some one use H+cloutch on dirt3?
    I dont know how to fix it, but N drops mostly the time without touching anything.
    Is imposible to race with cloutch...im not the only one with that problem...anyone know if there is any way to fix it????
    I know its not the place to ask but to be aware for next dirt

  9. Ahh, the wonderful PC Leaderboards. Yeah, I already know how fubar they are. My time on Tupasentie (pc) would qualify as a top 50 on 360, even higher if the cheats taking the 'suicidal through the trees' shortcuts had been removed. I wouldn't have commented if you had said the pc Top 40 times are cheats. But your post says that ALL top 40 times are cheats, it doesn't specify a platform. Which is not true.

    I know for a fact that about half the top 40 times on 360 are legit, because I've either followed the ghosts to check, or raced the guys posting the times in various competitions, both on the old DiRT3 forum and others.

    Gerbie, any time below a 2.20 for Tupasentie is dubious at best.
    I get carried away by feelings :)
    is exaggeration to say that the 30-40 are cheats in "all" tracks ... but no matter if they are 2, 5 or 20... yes 2:20. That is the average in track. The porblema is caused when some competitors use a kind of time-out and super speed that sometimes seems to be a normal time, but when you download the ghost is a shame. Finland is a land of cheaters...same to rallyX and trophy. I think we should focus on things that are more important than makeup :)
    Sorry for my english, hablo español.

  10. The biggest mistake of the Dirt trilogy never fixed
    Shortcuts, wallride, fake times...cheats
    Is really discouraging that top 30-40 times for each stage are cheating
    Many people buy the game just because of set a good lap time, that the real competition for some people, so PLEASE, no more cheat times!!!!!