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  1. abboracing

    What we need in F1 2015

    And on a slightly different note,  If you want more players, and more media attention,  how about actually utilizing the online play and the global capability and arrange Online tournaments thay result in a few games with an actual F1 driver / drivers or even test drivers...  This could all be broadcast on youtube, Sony Tv,  streamed Live for interested fans of the game and sport  This would bring attention to F1 "they keep harping on about needing new fans"  It would increase the profile of all participating REAL F1 drivers, It would bring F1 closer to the fans "again something the F1 management have been saying is an issue for years" The grand prize could be the race with real f1 drivers, a years contract in a small open wheel race series, tuition from an f1 driver.    Just think of the marketing potential here guys.  all this could be broadcast.  the fact that most modern F1 drivers readily admit to playing these games from time to time just baffles me with regards to your marketing dept.   Anyway, that is my rant over and I hope someone who thinks outside the box actually reads this Kind regards ( feel free to contact me with regards to a marketing development role within the company,  LOL ) George Angus
  2. abboracing

    What we need in F1 2015

    My main gripe is the very poor online system.  Setting up 1 race at a time makes online play slow tedious and frustrating. Why in gods name can a player not host a mini season, ie 2 ,6, 8  races of the hosts choice, rather than have to return the the main page after each race..   It would also be good if a player could actually join in qualifying, practice or even the race and start from the pitlane.   I hear many people say "but who actually plays f1 online?"  well not many people due to the poor menu layout and game formats.