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  1. Well I brought Thrustmaster t300rs + f1 rim.... If it's not supported then no f1
  2. With delays in gameplay videos , does say they are not ready or behind schedule, hope they don't rush the last thew weeks , push out a broken game...
  3. Sega coolieboy said: I loved that game on sega genesis.  Especially Ayrton Senna's Super Monaco GP 2.  Wish Sega can make that for PS 4.  Sega  too arcade I think
  4. It takes a certain kind of sheer nerve to say something like that under current circumstances I'm in the dark, and after that comment, still in dark
  5. Good to hear that. Gameplay videos?, oh sorry I interrupted.... Ah, I'd love to say 'soon,' but I'm actually gonna say don't expect one for a week or so. There are some things holding up the planned videos. Not entirely sure on the specifics, although it is our side, this isn't FOM approvals or anything. Sorry about that, I know you all want to see the game in motion. But I figure it's better than just leaving you completely in the dark. Still, at least you won't have too long to wait before playing it for yourselves this year... :) Your running out of weeks, strange to say in a week o
  6. The reviewers must get a early work in progress build copy soon. Just hope CM  don't stop them showing videos
  7. ive never heard as much tosh, no other game blames the license as much
  8. Please just explain the delay in info - at least talk and explain in depth about your first released info (26th March)
  9. If this is true about waiting for Pcars release, why not tell the forum 
  10. True me too, until I'm bored of Pcars , or f1 is cheap with price drop 
  11. Yes but they should be trying to say to us project cars is good but look at f1 2015
  12. Then was the last (justbiglee) post. I miss understood when they said change the mood and negative in the forum, seems same to me
  13. I hope CM proves every body wrong with info approach, but because Pcars comes out before f1, risky not to promote there game , if Pcars is quality lots of people might not look at f1 until they get bored of project cars, 
  14. I pre ordered on the announcement date, hoping that was the start of things to come, how wrong, since I have seen newer videos of Pcars, I have lost interest in f1 2015...and for now Pcars for me......
  15.  I deleted mine a couple of days ago, lack of info, and to much removal... Not saying I won't buy it.....but it will be after some price drops, make do with Pcars
  16. But could it be there is a career mode but as a real 2015 driver only
  17. We are not asking you to release info/talk about stuff not released, explain a bit more in depth about the first announcement.....you can't say you can't talk about that, otherwise why release that info
  18. Do u mean miss the start only by not applying the gas
  19. As I did not care much for SWBF3 until the video release, which left me amazed, I just wish CM would bowl me over, about f1
  20. Also puzzled about f1 on ps4 1080p to 900p  xb1.. Rumour, against project cars which is the same on both consoles???????
  21. My pre order for 2015 : cod black ops 3, Star Wars , FIFA 16 , project cars.....unsure about f1 2015 until I see video gameplay
  22. Good bye to career Forever, once CM remove it they never reinstall, as past proves........
  23. When do CM release the early build-copy, for the reviewers to try/test game 
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