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  1. http://www.vcpost.com/articles/60126/20150422/f1-2015-release-60fps-on-ps4-devs-face-challenges-in-adding.htm
  2. I would have thought that they can explain in detail the info they have released.  
  3. I agree not a big fan of past Star Wars, but I think I will add to pre-order list...I think MMPAW37 made comments about this in some early threads, but I thought blar-blar at the time...but hay it looks great...you never now CM small video creates interest 
  4. Nearly 1 month since release info, no follow up info about release info, or new info release,does the license stops previews of your games, look at EA new Star Wars video, and I'm sure activison will release video for black ops 3, these are all 5-7 months away.....the mine blows....CM way - no news is good news
  5. Let's remove qually and just go to race with random position, before you say that's stupid, things keep getting removed
  6. Is it possible for CM to add career as a DLC, but not charge us for it
  7. The new cod game revealed 6-7 months To go before release, bet they don't hold the promotion side, cmon codemasters I hate all this guessing crap
  8. Was expecting a little news every week , not keen on this: get news, then weeks waiting for more news, frustrating 
  9. Reveiws , videos, previews, means nothing... Maybe a little insight into how good the graphics are....come June, when we can try ourself, it will be great game , or just the same old problems
  10. I have both ps4/xb1 , unsure which console to buy for: if ps4 then t300rs + f1 wheel add on.. Or if xb1 then tx racing wheel + f1 wheel add on , both from thrustmaster, I was looking to find out which was the lead console in testing the game, 
  11. If racing and online is great, why was it people moaning so much about p1-p2-p3 missing
  12. Career part of game ( for me) is the biggest part of the the game, when you talk simulation, career is 75% of the game simulation..... It mimics real life
  13. No, no news today sorry. Don't think there will be anything this week either, like I said I'll keep you updated. Any details about the first news release, to explain in more detail
  14. I asked (  Justbiglee) at the announcement release, about 1080p and framerate, and he told me that's not untrue, but it's not confirmed , so he finished by saying , until confirmed by the Dev- team Twitter page , or forum, then it's just rumours 
  15. It's not true, fifa 1-2 months after start, motogp - June/July, 
  16. When do we expect to see the first videos, maybe dev - team driving a couple of hot laps. With commentary 
  17. Sorry to you guys, but sooner or later gaming company's must say : R.I.P to PS3/360 otherwise ps4/xb1 will never be current consoles, so to your Q hopefully not
  18. as I see it, June - mid summer is a dull time for top releases, I used to swear at a late september release. because it was a date that was just before releases of all top games, and by the time we got any update, cod - fifa - BF was being released, so I lost interest in f1, hopefully a June release can , keep interest high
  19. For me f1 2012, I liked the 6 world champions challenges
  20. Can't remember which game it was , but did one game have a trophy cabinet in the menus , so you could veiw trophys won/ unlocked, sorry if it was not f1 game, but you get what I meant 
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