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  1. But in my throughts is the engineer sets the car , driver drive and reports back to engineer about how the car handle, otherwise no point in the engineer, motogp style engineer set up works well....
  2. As a fan of f1 but not a hardcore sim racer, what would they replace the setup sliders with, if they were to change it. Sorry can't understand your frustration towards sliders
  3. Hopefully not, waste of time and resources 
  4. Even if you are a hardcore or not, lots of people just want to jump in the car and race, endless setting up and fine tuning is not for every one...sometimes you can go to far with the simulation 
  5. Before the next bundle of info is released, will we be explained in a bit more depth the info already released, or is the next info to be released is to explain....
  6. Also in all the other games, it told you the % chance of rain, when it's raining hope it tells the % chance of stopping, if I now this I would wait for a gap in the rain
  7. Because I wait until the first patch is released, i would usually bye on release day, then get ...... Off and not play again until patch arrive... By then it's price drop time...so for f1 2015 I wait
  8. I will be waiting until after release , probably buy at the first price drop, sorry CM
  9. That's true, but the discussion is for free
  10. But, you paid the money to play at the time of its release, plus it's on different consoles, it's no difference to (the last of us) remastered, or tombraider game
  11. I remember Steven hood saying once , everybody who plays , what ever your level and the time you have available, just load up and play.....
  12. You are crazy... Thread closed :p
  13. Q: date of June in your post , but no date, as I have seen 12th hinted. Q: enhancements in over 20 areas, you have listed 5-6...do you know full 20. Q: for me what does (Shift in direction for the series), mean...thanks
  14. great thread, this forum needs this, dedicated facts, not rumours......
  15. I wish we would talk about what we know , rather than keep guessing what will be...
  16. Sorry I disagree, for me a sim is a simulation of the real thing.... Is f1 10-11-12-13-14 just that.....how far that simulation goes, is codemasters interpretation of F1...but I agree the simulation could be a bit deeper.....
  17. I'd say no, but you never know, I think at best , will have to wait for reviewers to receive the promotion copy, when we can watch some youtube
  18. I see GAME has pre-order , and release date 12.6.15 ..... Is this game assumption or is this confirmed by CM
  19. I read earlier in some discussion that's it 1080p full hd, and 60 fps , is this true justbiglee 
  20. Its leaps and bounds over its predecessors, isn't that the point...?. Can you be more specific as to what you mean by 'Its not next-gen or Very bad'? Sorry but I don't think we understand the 'unfortunately there are best in neighboring...bye bye' ok... I'll answer you with a questionYour opinion, All images presented today ... Is that next Gen?  No, it's the current generation, next gen means it's not released yet, 
  21. Justbiglee, will have no life outside the f1 forum until june :D
  22. Did not need a new thread for this discussion, this is all talked about in other threads, but I agree with all you say, 
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