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  1. Mmpaw37, cmon you know you want to be CM forum  f1 moderator, one day
  2. Don't listen to alexbishop44 he's not 1 of us.......lol :D  
  3. Yep, I'm sure it is too! That's so awesome that we can tell where a car is parked on a track just from looking at barrier and grandstand placements! :p Would it not say , work in progress, if it was CM footage 
  4. How much really do they listen to us community, any company.......
  5. Did it not say the game will release with 2014 cars , and get updated as the season goes along, if the game comes out middle to late season, why bother, because time we get updates the season will be over 
  6. This forum loves gossip, that's all we have
  7. I read from comments of the past , announcement to release is Around 2-3 months for CM, but that is not confirmed
  8. All we can be sure of is , it will release earlier than f1 2014, that's all the info been released, nothing was in blood about an actual date, until CM tells us something it's all just gossip 
  9. 100% agree sticky  thread, fed up looking for mods/developers posts
  10. Also does Logitech wheels work on ps4 games, I have g25, but not tryed it on ps4
  11. Mmpaw37 , any piece of info CM gives out or interpreted in there messages, your all over it, that's why they are quite on the forums....incase you make a mountain out of a molehill....but as a forum member, I don't understand why no info....so other members like myself read the next best thing , rumours 
  12. Probably 2-3 months for release from when they announce, guess sometime around summer break... But I hope I'm wrong 
  13. It's not really next-gen any more, because next gen, means it's not released...it's current gen
  14. When info and screenshots do finally come out, will we know which platform it's from
  15. I have xb1 for cod , but I do like the steering wheels on Playstation better, but the framerate sends me crazy on playstation, they always said PS3 was far better than 360, but it never, was...wondering if next gen will be the same
  16. i have both xb1 and ps4, I will be selling one of my consoles..soon....just wondering...which console got the head start
  17. perhaps he did not like the direction codemasters wanted to take F1
  18. If framerate as good as they say I'm 90% happy
  19. Yep you are, we unsure what new problems next gen will bring up, hopefully none... But it's a new engine
  20. What's the most disappointing point for me is, they jump on you asap if you say something out of turn, so they are about, I remember  piperalpha, syngamer , Helios they was all involved in discussions as a mod/ and a fan , again sorry if names are wrong
  21. What happened to the sticky threads , where only mods updates, how it is you have to search in lots of discussions just to find a small comment from them, I give up looking, sorry if I got the name wrong of these threads
  22. Apart from hatta- who else is responding to the forums - of past years gone bye , there was about 3-4 mods and other developers from CM + Steven hood...who are we listening to now
  23. Well said that man, but don't expect a answer, lol
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