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  1. Well that was unexpected, but you could still log in from time to time , otherwise goodbye 
  2. Release maybe around the summer break, I heard that mentioned alot last year
  3. I've been watching the reveiws on YouTube, it's helpful 
  4. I'm easy going kind of guy, I'd just like a bit more info from mods/ developers..answer  some of are concerns - it's seems we only hear from mods/hatta to ban people or to moan about comments,
  5. if what I read is true( 3 months ) development time left, nothing confirmed ... So y not....
  6. The last f1 game I brought was 2013, I missed 2014 because of the the next gen change over...because I did not have the disappointment of 2014 , I'm looking forward to the next f1 game...like the buzz when f1 2010 was coming out....I'm not a fan of CM but hay better to F1 game than no f1 game. Hopefully a good game this time...fix the Framerate I'm 90% happy
  7. What's the time scale codemasters use from announcement to release....is it a standard period of time 
  8. perhaps on the Dpad select your answer , engineers then amend the settings to suit. (I think motogp game does this)
  9. Ok thanks , t300 sounds as good , price is better, so my question is - t300rs or t300gte
  10. I mean basic car settings: wing angles/suspension/ride heights.. Etc.. Perhaps basic/advanced training.. All over games do it , fifa learns you skills, cod shooting skills
  11. Why can't they start career mode with test day in Barcelona, as a driver doing what a engineers have planned for you...rather than doing nothing but lap after lap trying just to go fast, as we know speed comes as testing improves
  12. Sorry, I have not played since 2013, as I changed to next gen, I was thinking maybe career team choice stays the same way.. Of years gone by
  13. as they are slow and probably going to be at the back of grid, as it's normally the slowest teams, to be selectable , yes
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