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  1. Here is a fairly long list of things i want in F1 2015 1- Drivers Retire/Rookies Join. The career mode can easily turn stale on console (as we don't have the joys of modding). This is because nothing ever changes in career mode. I would love to see a couple of seasons into career mode, someone like Button or Raikkonen retire and someone like Vandoorne or Marciello replaces them 2- Driver relationship/change teams. Again to make career that extra bit better, have drivers change teams if their relationship with their current team is too low. Say Alonso is very unhappy at McLaren as they have an uncompetitive car, he can move to a different team like Mercedes for the next season 3- REMOVE THE SIDEPOD GLITCH. This one is self explanatory 4- 2014-2015 transition in career. Remember F1 Challenge 1999-2002 where you would start in 1999 and finish in 2002. Well maybe you can start your career mode in 2014 and move on to the 2015 season the next season with all the changes (as the game is shipping with the 2014 and 2015 "hybrid cars") And then use idea 1 and 2 for the 2016 season on career. 5- Equal cars online- Yes we have tis system online but there is always that one car which is better than the other car. Equal should be equal. End of 6- Manual Pitstops. Just like good old f1 2006 7-