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  1. Leathersoup

    DiRT Rally feedback list

    I'm not sure where to put my Oculus Rift feedback.   I've done quite a few runs with the game using the Oculus and have come to the conclusion that the physics are going out the window when using the Oculus.  I don't know if the physics are based off of frame rate or not but rendering double seems to be messing the game up.  It's almost impossible to keep the car running in a straight line, the back end is always fishtailing for no reason.  I've run the same courses with and without the Oculus.  When not using the Oculus the car is very planted especially the FWD cars.  When I throw on the Oculus all of a sudden the back end of the Fulvia (FWD) is all over the place.  It's as though I were driving a RWD car on ice (but with more forward momentum).
  2. Leathersoup

    DiRT Rally feedback list

    Force feedback for FWD cars.  Too much force is simply an auto-center feel.  There doesn't seem to be any torque steer and traction feedback is almost nil.  Adaptive co-driver system so that as you speed up the co-driver can keep up with his calls.  It seems that if you're going too fast it's easy for the co-driver's announcements to take too long and he skips calls. The ability to save replays for future playback.
  3. Leathersoup

    "Next" DiRT game wishlist!

    Proper rally career  mode. Multiple seasons, work your way up from amateur rank up to professional.  I want to have to repair my car and carry over damage if  I'm unable to. Cockpit.  Must have cockpit mode. It's the only way to rally. Edit:  I forgot.  I'm not a school kid.  I don't need a voice over telling me I'm AWESOME DUDE.