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  1. Can you guys think of any examples that could have changed F1? In terms of teams or drivers staying or going, and whether if they made a different realistic potential decision that it would have changed F1?
    I have two examples to do with drivers
    Couthard retiring in 2008. I spoke to David at Silverstone a few years ago and he told me he could have stayed on for the 2009 season. How different could F1 look today? I'd expect him to be where Webber was, so if he had a good 2009 with the good Red Bull car of that year, could he have won a title that year or one of the following years.
    Another based of 2009- Bruno Senna to Brawn GP. I'm pretty sure a full time drive in Rubens' place was nearly confirmed. I'm not sure what happened, but I'd see him with a few wins under his belt. He'd still be in F1 today IMO.

    Any you guys can think of?

  2. What is going on with the Rallycross groups? Seriously its brought me to the point of me not even wanting to play it, it seems like there's a type of rubberbanding compared to your pace. My group is always seconds ahead of the other groups no matter the ability of the AI drivers. 

    E.g I come first in my first race in the group, cool. Its a bit odd how every other car in my group is so much fast then the other drivers, but maybe I got unlucky and had the best drivers in my group? So I do really badly on purpose in my next two races to fall down the groups. In my next race they're still faster than everyone else even though I'm in the group with the slowest drivers! 

    This seriously needs to be sorted out, rubberbanding in racing games is like getting a knife and sticking it in your eye.

  3. As gobsmacking as DiRT tally is, I miss the excitement of Lee's tweets and this thread speculating wild things. I'm (kinda) joking, DiRT rally is fantastic, Lee do you mind filling your twitter up with random numbers and hash tags so we can try and get a bit of dirty goss out of them? See of we can somehow work out that a Reliant Robin is being added from "13:07.34 #dirtonmycarswindshield"?

  4. Sorry, I know this is extremely petty but can real stage names be used for real stages only? Sweet Lamb is not like the real one and it's one of the issues I have had with the WRC games.  -IGNORE ME SELECTED WRONG STAGE LOL-

  5. Flashbacks and restarts used?
    Can easily be misinterpreted as doing badly, when in reality they are just messing about. Ive played a fair few times just to try and make the biggest crash possible which has resulted in over 100 restarts and flashbacks easily. They are looked down upon too.

  6. Yeah, I don't think some game developers realise that racing games have a much longer life span compared to an FPS. If a racing game is good and has what players want it can last multiple years with a thriving community.

  7. I really, really hope we have over 8 cars are up against in rally events, its very annoying and removes alot of fun from it, no where near enough immersion! I would much prefer 20 times from different at the end of the stage than doing the terrible starting system used in dirt 3.... Infact, 20 is easily a reasonable number.

  8. I'm off to rally Wales again this year. Went 2003, 2004, 2005, 2011, 2013 and now third  year. I really hope  Wales is in the next dirt game has Welsh stages in, the trouble is, with a stage named "Sweet Lamb" when you know the real stage pretty well it does saden me when the game stage bears no liking to the real stage.