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  1. As gobsmacking as DiRT tally is, I miss the excitement of Lee's tweets and this thread speculating wild things. I'm (kinda) joking, DiRT rally is fantastic, Lee do you mind filling your twitter up with random numbers and hash tags so we can try and get a bit of dirty goss out of them? See of we can somehow work out that a Reliant Robin is being added from "13:07.34 #dirtonmycarswindshield"?

  2. Can I request some amazing welsh stages that you can add to Wales? The Great Orme means alot to me as a stage, yes the last time it was run was 2013. But it is still a fantastic stage. For a short but great stage we have Kinmel Park too. 

  3. I really, really hope we have over 8 cars are up against in rally events, its very annoying and removes alot of fun from it, no where near enough immersion! I would much prefer 20 times from different at the end of the stage than doing the terrible starting system used in dirt 3.... Infact, 20 is easily a reasonable number.

  4. I'm off to rally Wales again this year. Went 2003, 2004, 2005, 2011, 2013 and now third  year. I really hope  Wales is in the next dirt game has Welsh stages in, the trouble is, with a stage named "Sweet Lamb" when you know the real stage pretty well it does saden me when the game stage bears no liking to the real stage.

  5. tbtstt said:
    TDDB said:

    Okay, here is a rule for Rallycross in the next DiRT game. There MUST be joker laps, the lack of them in every DiRT game has annoyed me as they are a staple in Rallycross. And yes, joker laps can make it a longcut or a shortcut.

    A staple in modern rallycross: rallycross first ran in 1967, the joker lap was added to the sport less than a decade ago. 

    But is this Rallycross in 1967 or 2014+?