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  1. Paulski2610

    Why F1 2019 career sucks

    This. The lack of transparency from CM is what bothers me the most. I'd like to start a career with 50% or 100% races and work my way up from a lower team etc, but only if the driver transfers and AI R&D issues are fixed. But if CM would just tell they can't fix it I might start a career with shorter races and lower AI difficulty and treat it more as an arcade game. But not knowing what to expect just feels like wasting time.
  2. Paulski2610

    Trading in F1 2019 FOR F1 2018

    I'm also thinking about selling F1 2019 and either continue 2017 or get 2018 used. IMO the worst part is CM not being transparent about their plans. If they'd just tell they're planning to fix the driver transfer and R&D issues I'd wait and once fixed start a career with 50% or 100% races. If they'd tell they won't be fixing it I might start a career with 25% races and play it more as an arcade game where I myself would also constantly change teams. But this silence from CM just annoys me...