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  1. IMO Codemasters shouldn't implement any new features in F1 2020, except for maybe very minor ones. They should just focus on improving all the current features and fix all issues, otherwise we'll have the same problems as every year...
  2. The same for me. If Hamilton (or Vettel, Verstappen etc) would move to a lower team between seasons I would not care. But this is ridiculous. And shame on you CM, for not giving any response on this issue!
  3. Paulski2610

    Patch Notes for 1.09 – Discussion Thread

    And still no word from CM on the mid-season driver transfers...
  4. Paulski2610

    Why F1 2019 career sucks

    This. The lack of transparency from CM is what bothers me the most. I'd like to start a career with 50% or 100% races and work my way up from a lower team etc, but only if the driver transfers and AI R&D issues are fixed. But if CM would just tell they can't fix it I might start a career with shorter races and lower AI difficulty and treat it more as an arcade game. But not knowing what to expect just feels like wasting time.
  5. Paulski2610

    Trading in F1 2019 FOR F1 2018

    I'm also thinking about selling F1 2019 and either continue 2017 or get 2018 used. IMO the worst part is CM not being transparent about their plans. If they'd just tell they're planning to fix the driver transfer and R&D issues I'd wait and once fixed start a career with 50% or 100% races. If they'd tell they won't be fixing it I might start a career with 25% races and play it more as an arcade game where I myself would also constantly change teams. But this silence from CM just annoys me...
  6. Paulski2610

    Two things

    First of all; CM could have added a career mode without broadcast style presentation. I personally don't care much about the broadcast presentation; I want to feel like I'm the driver, not a spectator. But like always, CM forces their ways through our throats. And things like podium sequences could have been made in a first person perspective, so CM wouldn't have to bother with creating a selection of faces for the player. 
  7. Paulski2610

    F1 2015 No Career mode??

    I'm not sure, but from what I know the licences for the previous seasons should still be within CV's hands. If that would be the case it would be possible to have a career mode with seasons 2010 to 2015. Or 2016, since 2015 won't have a career mode. But I'm not sure if the licences work that way, although it was the case with EA's F1 Challenge. 
  8. Paulski2610

    F1 2015 No Career mode??

    The law of untold consequences. Happens all the time when you do something in software - it impacts in all sorts of way you would never think/ However, what they could do is show the podium sequence from your eye view as a driver perspective instead - that way they would not have to have your head model included in the game. It would be great as well if it had some sort of first person control where you could move around spraying champagne at the models etc. That was actually a much requested feature when CM got the license and asked the community for suggestions. But like all other suggestions, CM ignored it. 
  9. Paulski2610

    F1 2015 No Career mode??

    Unless they'd make it first person (like the community asked for prior to F1 2010...)
  10. Paulski2610

    Announcing F1 2015

    Did anyone else notice how CM avoids the questions about the career mode? Sure, Justbiglee stated earlier that in F1 2015 you pick one of the existing drivers and compete as them, but there has been no clear statement like "no, there won't be a career mode", and people are still confused and/or filled with (false?) hope. As if CM know it will have a negative impact on sales...
  11. Paulski2610

    Announcing F1 2015

    Oh, please... It was CM that asked the community for ideas and suggestions when they got the F1 license. By the way; CM never did anything with those ideas. Except for maybe the safety car. But on the other hand, the SC is still almost non-existent.
  12. Read this: In F1 2015 you pick which driver / team you want to race for and compete as them. Sure, it's not 100% confirmed that there's no career mode, but it's pretty clear IMO.
  13. Paulski2610

    F1 2015 Information Thread

    This is the only reason I did not buy any cm f1 games after 2011. If they bring them back, then I'll be back! It would be a pathetic joke if CM dropped the career mode to focus more on realism, but still wouldn't bring back all FP's. On the other hand, I still wouldn't be suprised...
  14. Paulski2610

    F1 2015 youtuber

    what do u enjoy about career mode? the problem i have with it is that it gets boring so fast there no real need to play more than 1 season I enjoy everything about it. earning a reputation winning races and championships the whole experience. Exactly. I like to start at the bottom and eork my way up. There's no fun in it for me to just select Hamilton and win races. And when I'd choose a slower (e.g. Mclaren :'( ) there would be no point in it for me either, since there's not much to gain.
  15. Paulski2610

    Announcing F1 2015

    I know that record companies pay magazines and websites for good reviews, so I wouldn't be surprised if it's the same in the games industry. Especially when considering a lot of bug infested games (coughcoughfifacough) get very high ratings.