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    Announcing F1 2015

    yeah it probably will for me as well tbh but I'm prepared to wait and see if it's under a different name or format before I confirm my decision though. After all they've only given a small amount of info to work on. We're going to have to wait ansd see what comes in the next few weeks before we know anything concrete. It's more or less confirmed already... However, I still hope CM will reconsider it, but I dount it.
  2. Paulski2610

    Announcing F1 2015

    No career mode means no F1 2015 for me. Simple as that.
  3. Paulski2610

    Codemasters' biggest mistake in the F1 game series

    I personally think that it wouldn't be a problem for casual players as long as it's only about basic Formula 1 option (because IMO that's the case with options for mechanical failures and formation laps). But when you talk about the amount of work CM would have to put into it; isn't that their job? People pay good money for games (ok, I very rarely buy games on release, that's why I just started with F1 2013 lately, so I'm an exception), and thus deserve a little extra effort than only the new cars/drivers and circuits. Even if CM would implement one new feature/option each game it would be something. It's also the mentality of "we decide what's best for you" that bothers me. Like with the max number of seasons in career mode, wich wouldn't even have to be an option if they set the max to 10 or 15 seasons, or even unlimited.
  4. Paulski2610

    Codemasters' biggest mistake in the F1 game series

    Maybe CM just got lazy? People buy their F1 games anyway, so why bother? The same goes for leaving out features. And what you say about F1 2015 reminds me of Gran Turismo. GT6 was just an updated GT5, and even though GT7 is going to be next-gen, I just know it will be nothing more than an updated GT6. Thanks for the compliment ;) And yeah, there are a ton of features that could be added as an option. Especially since the game is meant for a wide audience.