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  1. Yes. We've tried to improve this area but it's not new tech, just refinements in how we use it.  The physical damage of the cars is really not that great in DiRT Rally. How much of an improvement will there be in DiRT 4? Also will there be more cars on the same special stage at once? 
  2. is it working ok now or are you still getting it? It works smoothly now. Haven't had any problems after that except rolling the car on Lydden Hill ;)
  3. Got Error 41 today. Made me smile ;)                             
  4. I've been watching your videos without noticing it was you, haha! Very well driven. Saw the one with the MK2 too as well as footage you have captured.  
  5. @Rallycameraman is this you driving? ;O  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P5BVc2GUoGA
  6. It seems that @gfRally would like a GTA5 style director mode :)  I also think it would have been awesome to place cameras where you want them and adjust lens parameters and camera settings.  I guess it comes down to personal preference whether one would pick such a custom replay feature over other new additions such as a rally school or stages with dynamic conditions (ruts, sweeping). Back to the Gossip: I also had some hopes that the team would show some Rallycross gameplay at Lydden Hill this weekend, but perhaps it's just not ready yet. Are any of the team members going to do
  8. I see that @Rallycameraman is fighting off RBR fanatics as usual ;D
  9. Am I greedy if I say both Rally school and Camera modes?
  10. THIS. most stages are the same... +1 Last time I checked it's what you do in rally and I am pretty sure it's a game about rally. The stages in the game have been taken from real roads. If you ask me that's as close as real you can get unless you want to laser scan mud.  
  11.  PLAY DIRT 2. feel that force feed back, get into it for a while. and remember how great it feels. how much fun did you have with the wheel setup.. tons i know, awesome.  now go make dirt 4. and introduce some kick arse force feedback, like you did in dirt 2. you can also make dirt rally feel like that. its not all about a game looking great, it also has to feel great. otherwise your going to fail on that killer dirt game you want to make.  pls make the game we want. not half the game we want. dirt rally is nice. but the force feedback is not. not right now.  I have a
  12. I hope DiRT 5 has more rally ;>
  13. Is there media showing it anywhere or is it just people who got to go to Codies that have seen it?  Only the ones that had the privilege to visit Codemasters.  
  14. This topic seems still rather quiet. Not much to gossip about though. Maybe how the final game would look. Hoping for improvements for the menu as well. It would be cool to know if they would even consider to put in the little things. 
  15. Then again we do have tarmac roads. But personally I am fine with as close we can get without it. Rather have other cool stuff.
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