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  1. Car livery in multiplayer races is still bugged, it paints the car in the color of the previous one.
  2. Previously the only way to get money to buy cars was driving in singleplayer, now one can get reasonable cash from multiplayer races aswell, thanks for that. I have a question - do online races not count in leaderboard times ?
  3. I hope there's a season 4. Throw everything you can at this game, use it as a test-bed perhaps. Suzuka and NSX is very nice
  4. one track and a few new cars cant be all there is, it shouldnt be like this
  5. wish Codemasters invested actual money in this game series and treated it more seriously F1, Dirt, Grid - that is what Codies make. One of them needs more attention.
  6. actually on the first lap cars in all classes have just a little bit of extra grip, this is most evident by the braking distance being a few meters shorter. endurance has degradation throughout
  7. The track in Skirmish could be changed to something better, the empty and ugly wasteland is a mood killer. Wish it was in a city, or a track, or anywhere rather than that grayness
  8. Sucks that the game is such a flop. That's what the company gets when it doesnt take things seriously.
  9. Still can't believe it's not possible to make a online lobby where anyone could join.. That one and only thing to be always visible Quick Match doesn't work, it only joins a session when it is in skirmish, never one that is in progress. Can only join from friends list. Chanced on a lobby yesterday that had 10 people who I've never seen before... Matchmaking does not work properly.
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